2-day gold ring tour

Anillo de oro en Moscu en 2 dias
From45,000.0 ₽43,030 ₽
Anillo de oro en Moscu en 2 dias
From45,000.0 ₽43,030 ₽
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    • 2 days
    • Private Tour
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    Tour Details

    Meet the wonders of the famous Moscow Gold Ring. A spectacular site very close to the urban area of ​​Moscow, which will allow you to appreciate the whole history of modern Russia in different aspects.

    On the 2-day tour of the gold ring, we will make various visits and tours that will give a great immersion to one of the best places to visit during your stay in Moscow.

    Tour in Vladimir: an ancient city founded around the year 1000, which was the former Russian capital, is based on the Orthodox church, located on beautiful hills throughout the heart of Russia.

    Tour in Suzdal: a small city very close to Vladimir, founded simultaneously, is also a religious center of Russia, and as a result you can find 54 Orthodox temples that remain after many centuries. Its first temple dates from the 13th century and the last ones were built during the 21st century. There are also several Monasteries that we can visit during the tour.

    Tour in Bogolyubovo: founded mainly in the year 1155, it is a small city located very close to its neighboring Vladimir. it is one of the most predominant temples in the region, which has an interesting history and completely linked to religion, was ordered to be built by Prince Andrei Bogolyubski as mandated by the Virgin Mary; Since then Vladimirsabskaya was named and is a flagship sanctuary of Russia.

    Rostov the Great: one of the oldest cities of the Golden Ring, its first mention is known from the year 862; Like many cities in Russia, it has its own old Kremlin with beautiful shopping streets, an amazing architectural complex in Sobornaya Square and the monasteries of Avraam and Yakov

    Tour in Pareslavi Zalesskiy: it is the birthplace of the important Russian character: Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky. This ancient city, founded around 1147, still preserves the ancient walls of Kremlin and several monasteries such as the cathedral of Spaso Preobrazhensky, Troitsko, Nikistski and Goritzki, also here is Lake Plescheev which contains an interesting naval history.

    Tour by Serguiev Posad: Perhaps the best known of the cities of the gold ring, this small town 79 kilometers from Moscow, is known for being the place where the famous convent of Trinidad and Sergiev is located. Originally it was just a convent built in 1340, but after a while, it housed the economic, administrative and commercial center as well.

    Start and return

    Your hotel in the city
    We pick you up at the hotel and return you to it at the end of the tour

    Meeting time

    Meeting with your guide at the hotel at 6:00 a.m. on day 1 and 2

    Meeting with your guide at the hotel at 9:00 a.m. on day 3

    What does the tour include

    • Spanish guide
    • All mentioned entries
    • Travel to places
    • Permissions for photos
    • 24-hour support phone for incidents
    • Tickets without waiting

    Not include

    • Food and drink
    • Tips to the guide
    • Hotels
    What is done

    The tour of the Golden Ring for 2 days, gives you the ease of knowing in a wide and comfortable way through the main cities and places that make up the Golden Ring.

    During the first day we will see sites such as the Uspenski Cathedral, The Museum of the Mogola invasion of Russia, a city tour through the ancient monasteries in the city of Vladimir.

    The same day we will be visiting the city of Suzdal where we will be doing tours of emblematic sites such as the convent of the Intersection, the church of the Resurrection, the respective city tour through the city, the interesting museum of wooden architecture, among other sites more; from there we will go to the Monastery and churches of Bogolyubovo Monastery.

    During the second day we will pick you up at your hotel and start the tour to Rostov the Great, visiting the best sites found there; Among other sites we will visit, the Kremlin of Rostov the Great, The Assumption Cathedral, the Church of St. John the Theologian, and The Church of the Savior.

    Later, we will travel to Pareslavli Zalessli and visit The Gorisky and Nikita Monasteries of Pereslavl Salesski.

    To finish our tour of the gold ring in two days, we will make an excursion to the famous city of Sergiev Posad and there we will enter or visit the cathedrals of the Trinity, Dujovskaya and Uspenski, the residence of the Czars, the monastery of Sergiev Posad between many more.

    Remember that our tours include a Spanish-speaking guide all the time, permission for photos, and other benefits that only GuiaRus offers you.



    • Uspensky Cathedral (of the Assumption 1158 - 1661)
    • Golden doors of Vladimir
    • Mongolian invasion museum of Russia
    • Convent of the Intersection
    • Convent of the deposition of the Mantle
    • Church of the Resurrection
    • City tour of the city of Suzdal
    • Wooden architecture museum
    • El Salvador Monastery
    • Bogolyubovo Monastery
    • Churches Bogolyubovo Monastery
    • The Kremlin Rostov the Great
    • The Assumption Cathedral
    • Iglesia de San Juan el teolólogo
    • Church of the protective Santa
    • The Gorisky Monastery of Pereslavl Zalessky
    • Serguiev Posad Monastery
    • The Trinity Cathedral
    • The Dujovskaya Church
    • Uspenski Cathedral
    • The residence of the tsars
    • The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin

    Meeting at 06:00 at the hotelGold Ring Tour (1st day)

    • Uspensky Cathedral (from Assumption 1158 – 1661)
    • The Golden Doors of Vladimir (1158 – 1168)
    • The Mongol invasion Museum in Russia
    • CIty tour to the Ancient Monasteries
    • The Convent of the Intersection
    • The Convent of the deposition of the Mantle
    • The Church of the resurrection
    • LEFIM Monastery
    • City tour in Suzdal
    • Visit to the Museum of wooden architecture
    • El Salvador Monastery
    • Bogolyubovo Monastery
    • Churches Bogolyubovo Monastery Russia

    I meet at the Hotel at 10:00Second Day Gold Ring Tour

    • The Rostov Kremlin
    • The Assumption Cathedral
    • The Church of St. John the theologian
    • The Church of the protective Santa
    • The Church of the Savior
    • Gorisky Monastery
    • The Nikita Monastery
    • The Monastery of Serguiev Posad
    • The Trinity Cathedral
    • Dujovskaya Church
    • Uspenski Cathedral
    • The residence of the Tsares
    • The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin