Cossack dances from the dance ensemble “BAGATITSA”

Tickets to the Cossack Dances show of the dance ensemble “BAGATITSA”
From4,990.0 ₽4,150 ₽
Tickets to the Cossack Dances show of the dance ensemble “BAGATITSA”
From4,990.0 ₽4,150 ₽
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    Now at GuiaRus you can buy tickets for the Bagatitsa Cossack Dance, a unique tourist attraction that allows you to feel the history and soul of Russia in one night. The concert consists of 2 sections of 45 minutes each. The capacity of the room is 800 seats.

    The Cossacks dances of the dance ensemble “Bagatitsa” is a very passionate and brilliant show because they honor what their name means (Bagatitsa) which means bonfire.

    The show represents scenes from the life of the Cossacks, which are shown through songs or dances in moments of love, passion and celebrations: everyone will understand the language of these dances, no matter what language they speak.

    The national Cossack show is performed by the “Bagatitsa” dance ensemble, which was founded in 2005, and was staged by the famous dancer Alexey Subin.

    The ensemble includes: the orchestra; the group choir and dance; and the ballet and singing group. Many of the artists are direct heirs of the ancient Cossacks, who have given their way to show their traditions to the entire world.

    The ensemble has concerts every year throughout Europe, including Spain, Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic, among others.

    • Bagatista Dance

    In 2005, a unique creative team appeared on the banks of the Neva: the Bagatitsa dance folk show and the “Bagatitsa” dance and song ensemble.

    Talented young artists, many of whom are hereditary Cossacks, successfully develop many years of creative Cossack traditions. All the artists in the ensemble are professionals, graduates and students from the best creative universities in the country, many are diploma winners and laureates at Russian and international festivals and competitions.

    Today the ensemble “Bagatitsa” presents a unique folkloric show, being one of the few in the world a collective of this format. The ensemble includes an orchestra, a dance choir and a singing ballet. The volcano of energy, the Cossack temperament, the great audacity, the popular humor, the color and the entertainment of a historically verified Cossack costume create an unforgettable vacation atmosphere at concerts. Each number is a scene from the real life of the Cossacks, told in a song or shown in a dance. Epics and thoughts, love and passion, bold brave people, festive festivities: all this is shown in a modern work, understandable to any spectator.

    The sparkling songs and dances and incendiary Cossacks literally explode any audience with their irresistibility and high art, leading to complete and frenetic delight.

    Every year, the ensemble offers a large number of concerts for foreign tourists and residents of Saint Petersburg. The ensemble has many different awards and thanks, and recently became the owner of the 2010 International FolkFest Festival Grand Prix. There are countless creative plans. New numbers are constantly appearing in the ensemble program, as well as several interesting and unusual projects. The ensemble toured Sweden, Spain, the Czech Republic, Estonia and many cities in Finland, where the concert halls were crowded and the audience rose at the end of each concert.

    This is a spectacular must-see show to know the Cossack culture in Russia presented in Saint Petersburg, and now with all the guarantees and facilities that GuiaRus offers you, you can buy tickets for the Cossack dance of Bagatitsa

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    Show presentation times

    The professional folklore show of the ensemble “Bagatitsa” at the Countess Panina’s House provides an opportunity to enjoy high mastery of performance: at the same time, Russians experience a surge of national pride and foreign guests admire the “mysterious soul Russian. ” The services we provide are interesting for both Russian citizens and foreign tourists.

    Location: Countess Panina’s House (St. Petersburg, Tambovskaya Street, 63)
    Show schedule:
    2020 calendar
    Start of the show: at 20:00
    Duration: 1 h 50 min., Including the intermediate 20 min.

    Buffet in the intermediate:

    Not included in the ticket price

    Entries: Entry, without numbering.

     Buffet Menu option in the intermediate (NOT INCLUDED IN THE COST)
    Buffet receptions in between. Paid separately
    Attention Reception No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 5, may only be available for groups of 10 people!

    If you need to request receptions No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 5, for a group of 10 people or more, contact us by email in the contacts section.

    Reception №1 – 300 rubles.

    1. Champagne 130g
    2. Mineral water 200g

    Reception №2 – 400 rubles.

    1. Champagne 130g
    2. Mineral water 200g
    3. Tartlet with red caviar

    Reception No. 3 – 450 rubles.

    1. Champagne 130 g
    2. Mineral water 200 g
    3. Orange juice 150 g
    4. Tartlet with red caviar
    5. 2 pieces chocolate candies.

    Reception No. 4 – 550 rubles.

    1. Champagne 130 g
    2. Mineral water 200 g
    3. Orange juice 150 g
    4. Tartlet with red caviar
    5. Tartlet with red fish
    6. Tartlet with cheese
    7. 2 pieces chocolate candies.

    Reception №5 – Alcohol-free – 300 rubles.

    1. Orange juice 150 g
    2. Apple juice 150 g
    3. Mineral water 200 g
    4. 2 pieces chocolate candies.

    Dress code

    As a general rule, there is no special dress code for the Folklore show. Formal use is not necessary, as the shows are informal and entertaining. You’re not supposed to be dressed. Casual wear is recommended, however, smart casual wear would also be fine. Jeans and T-shirts are accepted, but shorts are not recommended.

    Presentation locations

    Casa de la condesa Panina (San Petersburgo, calle Tambovskaya, 63)

    La mansión de la condesa de Sofía Panina lleva el nombre de la condesa Sophia Vladimirovna Panina, una gran ilustradora de principios del siglo XX, la mujer más rica del país, que sacrificó su vida y su fortuna en la lucha contra el analfabetismo y el embotamiento.

    Tenga en cuenta que, por regla general, los asientos no se especifican en las presentaciones del espectáculo popular, por lo que el orden de llegada funciona. Recomendamos encarecidamente llegar al menos media hora antes del espectáculo para asegurar los mejores asientos.