The national dance “FEEL YOURSELF RUSSIAN”

Tickets to the dance show “Feel Yourself Russian" ”
From9,450.0 ₽8,050 ₽
Tickets to the dance show “Feel Yourself Russian" ”
From9,450.0 ₽8,050 ₽

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The popular show “Feel Yourself Russian” presented at the Nikolaevsky Palace is a unique show that allows you to feel the Russian history and traditions represented in this beautiful cultural work.

Different kinds of artistic shows are presented in the city of Saint Petersburg. But perhaps the best known and most popular is the show “feel yourself Russian. This show is carried is presented in the White Gala hall of the Nikolaevsky Palace, so that the guests will have the feeling of being special guests just as they were the important personalities during the time of Tsarism. Feel Yoursel Russian is a varied spectacle, where the deepest traditions of the Russian population are shown in a spectacular show. During the intermission a fluffy glass of champagne, vodka, alcohol, soft drinks is served , canapes and fruits.

In the heart of Saint Petersburg, and very close to the majestic Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, is the beautiful Nikolaevsky Palace, which is a true masterpiece of imperial architecture, built by architect Andrey Schtakenshneider for Grand Duke Nikolay, son of Emperor Nikolay I and it is where the Show is currently presented.

Buying tickets for “Feel Yourself Russian” will offer you the opportunity to live a unique experience, which allows you to feel the history and soul of Russia in one night! The show lasts 1 hour and 50 minutes, including the intermission (30 minutes). The room has a capacity for 350 people. Upon entering the event, the historical ensemble of the “Reverance” dance will welcome you on the main staircase of the palace. The artists in crinolines and elegant gentlemen with the accompaniment of a string quartet “el Clásico” will make you think that they have moved to the 19th century at a banquet of Emperors.

The show program:

Russian folk songs and religious songs are performed by the academic ensemble “Peters Quartet”. The Cossack dances and songs from different regions of Russia and the national dances of different peoples of Russia are represented by the ensemble of dances “Stars of St. Petersburg” which they then perform, the national dances of northern Russia, the passionate dances of the Don and Voronez Cossacks, the choreographic humor of the Ural and Siberian miniatures, and of course charming acrobatic tricks by the artists.

Several Phases are part of the Show Feel Yourself Russia, and among these you can find:

Bagatitsa Cossack Dance is a hot and bright Cossack show, held at the Countess Sofia Panina’s Mansion. The ensemble includes the orchestra, the dance choir and the singing ballet.

Anichkov palace Folkshow, held in the Carnival concert hall. Traditional Russian folk dances and music of accordion and balalaika which are performed by different folk groups.

At the break the buffet dinner option is proposed, which includes:

  • canapes of red caviar
  • ham canape
  • canapes with cheese
  • sausage sausage canape
  • a glass of vodka
  • a glass of wine
  • a glass of champagne
  • juice
  • mineral water
  • tea and coffee
  • fruits

Now in GuiaRus you can buy tickets for National Dance Feel Yourself Russian. Enjoy this show in the city of Saint Petersburg with all the support and benefits of a company with a long history of tourism for Spanish speakers in Russia.

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Additional Information

Show presentation times

Every day at 9:00 p.m.

Genre: Folk Show
Russian language
Age restriction: 6+
Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes
 Intermediates: 1

Advance booking is strongly recommended for all popular shows, as shows can be booked in full 1-2 days prior to performance

Dress code

As a general rule, there is no special dress code for the Folklore show. Formal use is not necessary, as the shows are informal and entertaining. You’re not supposed to be dressed. Casual wear is recommended, however, smart casual wear would also be fine. Jeans and T-shirts are accepted, but shorts are not recommended.

Presentation locations


The Palace is located in the city center, near the Neva River in Plaza Truda, 4 (Plaza del Trabajo). It is very easy to walk through the beautiful streets of Saint Petersburg, by metro (Admiralteyskaya station, 15-minute walk, Sadovaya, Sennaya, Spasskaya) or by taxi if your hotel is far from the city center. In addition, we will gladly organize a transfer from the hotel or from your cruise ship.

Please note, as a general rule, seats are not specified in popular show performances, so the order of arrival works. We highly recommend arriving at least half an hour before the show to ensure the best seats.