Train Red Arrow St. Petersburg – Moscow

Train Red Arrow St. Petersburg - Moscow
From6,200.0 ₽5,500 ₽
Train Red Arrow St. Petersburg - Moscow
From6,200.0 ₽5,500 ₽
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    • 8 Hours
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    One way to travel by train from St. Petersburg to Moscow is the red arrow train. This train offers a very high quality service. It is a highly recommended option, if you go on a tourist trip and do not want to spend a lot of money on plane labels. In about 7 to 8 hours of travel you will be at your destination. You do not need to check-in and you can reach the train station 1-2 hours in advance.

    The Red Arrow train, is a train with a very long history that dates from 1931. It has always maintained the same time and frequency in its journeys, except for a short time, during the Second World War. It is the most comfortable way to travel between Moscow and St. Petersburg and vice versa. the services depend on the class in which you travel, but regardless of the one you choose, it offers a fairly complete service, which can include dinner breakfast, cabin that has its own shower, as well as a much larger space. The Red Arrow train offers you the possibility of traveling throughout the night in a really comfortable way; If you go on a tourism plan between the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, you can enjoy full days visiting the best sites of this magnificent cities. With GuiaRus you can take the Nature and Architecture Tour in Moscow to take advantage of the night to rest, move around and save money on accommodation. You can also appreciate during your journey the beautiful scenery and sunrise that this trip offers while traveling in the comfort of the train with many luxuries on board.

    With GuiaRus you will have all the guarantees from the moment of the reservation until you arrive at your destination; 24-hour telephone assistance so you don’t have any problems with your trip and even more if you don’t master the Russian language.

    Each train has different categories which we will detail below.

    Economic category or 2nd class-Kupé

    Bussines Class 1st class-SV

    Trains leave from Moskovsky station, located on the central Nevsky avenue. and they arrive at the Leningradsky train station in St. Moscow.

    Keep in mind the arrival times to Moscow, it may be that at the time of your arrival you do not find public transport very easily. For this reason, GuiaRus offers you the service of Transfer train station – hotel in Moscow


    • 24 hour assistance
    • Electronic tickets
    • Spanish advice
    • Free ticket exchange (up to 48 hours before the trip)
    • Possibility of transfer from or to your hotel

    Does not include

    • Food and drink
    • Transfer to and from the station
    • Cancellation Refund

    Economical 2nd class-Kupé

    23:55 – 08:00

    Bussines class 1st class-SV

    23:55 – 08:00