Tours full days in Moscow

Tours full days in Moscow

Enjoy your days in Moscow

The most comprehensive and interesting way to discover this great city is undoubtedly full day tours we offer, make the most of your day visit and discover the most interesting Moscow with our tours from 1 day to 4 days. Moscow is a city with much to offer and with our comprehensive english tours in Moscow will know the highlights and the not so popular, less touristy but charming that Moscow has to offer. Moscow Discover these tours and excursions in english in Moscow.

All reservations, regardless of the duration of the tour, will have a 24h telephone assistance for any incident.

Our most comprehensive tours in Moscow

Ideal for tourists tour with a small dip is enough history or for those who prefer to do the tour independently and need only be oriented in the city. We guide in Moscow for a day with guide in english with all the information to discover the best of the city of Moscow.

To this day we walk through the historic center, the heart of the city, walking among Russian history. You can see the highlights of laciudad Moscow and meet some essential monuments and places to visit. Ask for advice and stroll through Moscow with a guide in english.

Come visit Moscow in a day.

Tour ideal for tourists who like to know the history and enjoy the beautiful city and its monuments, stroll and enjoy the place they visit disposing of time.

This type of tour leads them to know deMoscú Spanish city guide not only the historic center of Moscow, but also these places are highly recommended outside the historic center, places that, while in the city, some of the separate Red Square and the Kremlin. With the two-day tour in Moscow in Spanish we will take you to see the story itself.

Meet the beautiful Victoria Park, or the state Kolomenskoye park, an architectural historic site grew Peter I.

Learn more about Russians and their history.

Ideal for people who want to walk around and know enclosures declared world heritage and unique beauty as the Novodevichy Monastery Tour. We take you to know not only the highlight of the city also has made Russia a great nation, from its earliest history to the present day and how this influence today’s society. Accompanied by a guide in english tour in three days Moscow and its parks and museums, you walk through beautiful gardens and squares, see with their eyes all that Moscow has to offer

Know the achievements of the Russian people dare ever. Enjoy Moscow

Tour ideal for people who like not only recent history, also enjoying the back story to the present.

On this tour we visit the city and outside, will travel to cities near Moscow where we will know more details of the history of the tsars before the Bolshevik Revolution, long before even the last Tsar of Russia. We visit two towns near Moscow and Sergiev Posad Alejandrov, cities that have taken essential part in the development of the current Russian society influence through the centuries.

Learn more Sergiev Posad cradle of the Orthodox religion and its accompanying guide in Spanish for Lavra monastery in Seguiev Posad, declared World Heritage by UNESCO

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