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Undoubtedly Moscow is one of the most historic cities in Europe, its exciting and turbulent history has left a deep mark on its streets, from the time of the Tsars to communism. Let us help you find the most interesting, fascinating and full of history of one of the most important cities of the twentieth century from the hand of our guides in Spanish places. Enjoy this selection of excursions in Moscow in Spanish.

All reservations, regardless of the duration of the tour, will have a hotline in Spanish 24 hours for any incidence.

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The most comprehensive and interesting way to discover this great city is undoubtedly full day tours we offer, make the most of your day visit and discover the most interesting Moscow with our tours from 1 day to 4 days always accompanied a guide in Spanish.

These comprehensive tours in Moscow guided in Spanish will help you enjoy the whole day in the city. Make the most of your visit with these complete Spanish excursions in Moscow.

We’d love to welcome you to Moscow.

With these tours you will enjoy an intense morning knowing and visiting as possible and afternoons free to explore and discover the city and the idiosyncrasies of the Russian people in a more independent way. Let us show you the city in the morning, our guide in Spanish to recommend a good restaurant to eat, and for advice on where to walk in the afternoon.

Economize on vacation, ask unaexcursión in Spanish in Moscow noon and enjoy your vacation without spending too much.

If you have little time, you come to Moscow for work issues or a tighter budget, from GuiaRus we offer the Spanish Tours by hours in Moscow. A quick and very entertaining way to learn about the best places in the city from the hand of our expert guides in Spanish.

In this type of tour you will make the points that interest them know always accompanied by a guide in Spanish that will show you what you want to know Moscow. Choose from a variety of places available and drift.

Tour ideal for people who have a scale with your flight at any of the airports of Moscow, this service will use those hours spent in the Moscow airport. With this tour from the airport Moscúle organize your trip according to the time available in its scale by Moscow.

. Spanish Our guide picks you up at the airport in Moscow for a tour with private car traffic and show you everything in Moscow and will return with you to the airport to make sure everything is correct.

Since GuiaRus we offer a number of more specialized tours on specific issues aimed at people who want to combine tourism with deguías independent advice with experience in españolstrong> to visit some of the most special places in Moscow.

We have created a selection of tours that focus on well-known places of Moscow. Or trips specialized in a particular topic. All excursions in Moscow are in Spanish and devote the necessary time to meet the POI you want to hire.

With GuiaRus have the assurance that they will be waiting outside the airport to take you to your hotel without incident, they will have safe during their trust with a reputable company. In Moscow we have Spanish speaking drivers and contracts with several car companies in the city of Moscow.

Your driver will meet you at the airport terminal in the departure hall with a sign that says your name. Complete your tour with a comprehensive service, we will follow up from arrival to departure.

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