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Tours in Moscow

Moscow a city known worldwide for its monuments, such as St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Kremlin or its flagship Metro, but Moscow is a city that has much more to offer. Come see the remains of a Soviet Russia almost forgotten in the hands of our guides.

being the Russian capital Moscow, it brings together everything you need for a complete holiday full of culture and fun. Knowing the inheritance earlier times have left interesting but seeing as this heritage has become part of today’s Russian society will surprise you. In Moscow we will see how the society of the past shapes the present society.

Discover everything you must know about Moscow and Russia with our guides and tours in English in Moscow that we recommend in this city.

Moscow, a city with much to offer, that the soul come to us and leave us happy.

Tours in St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg, the city of the Tsars, also called “Venice of the North”.

Russia perhaps the city that resembles Europe, cosmopolitan and diverse but without losing its essence through the centuries.

In this city we will see how modern and classic Russian culture is mixed to achieve a unique atmosphere in this beautiful city. St. Petersburg is a cosmopolitan city that has evolved over its inhabitants. A city by the Russians so much blood spilled during World War II.

Come visit this splendid city, its canals, cathedrals and of course the Hermitage Museum, all accompanied by our guide in English. But you can also meet Palaces and Gardens, as is the Catherine Palace or Peterhof Gardens.

In these excursions in St. Petersburg in English visit the city of the Czars and we fell in love with its charm and unique beauty in the world.

Tours in other parts of Russia

Do not just Russian capital.

Meet different parts of Russia have much to offer.

Come visit cities and places with GuiaRus dream, took them to places like Samara (next venue of the world), we invite you to Kolomna, Nizhny Novgorod and Novgorod among other places you’ll love. Or take a guided tour through the Russian river cruise can do from Moscow to St. Petersburg in Rio.

Always with English speaking guide we have no doubt it will be for you an unforgettable experience, travel to places less exploited tourist speaking and know the culture, history and memories of the people who live there.

In GuiaRus work hard to offer at your fingertips the best of Russia.

Golden Ring Tours

Heritage distant past, the route known as “The Golden Ring” passes through 5 regions, the Northeast region of Russia, the Moscow region, the region of Ivanovo, Kostroma region, the Vladimir region and Yaroslavl region.

It is a tourist route known for its monuments, cathedrals, monasteries and numerous Kremlins (strengths), as Aleksandrov, which represents the history and culture since the beginning of the region, near Moscow.

All these regions are an essential part of the formation of Russia as a state. We found along this route forms of Old Russian architecture with buildings dating from the X-XII centuries, as well as museums and monasteries that played a very important role in Russian history over the years.

We invite you to leave the big cities and know the Russian camp, the authentic Russia with these excursions in English at the Golden Ring of Russia.

Enjoy Russia with GuiaRus

The best way to learn Russian, undoubtedly, is left in the hands of experts who speak your language, let us guide you and discover the most incredible and fascinating places not only in the big cities of Moscow, St. Petersburg and the historic and beautiful Golden Ring , but also in all our tours in Russia in English .

The tours that we offer here are interesting and complete, you can find English tour in Russia to measure . When booking any tour with us have a contact phone 24 hours a day for any incident during the tour and although we have concluded the service, we will always be available.

Because we understand your situation because we are people guiding people.