Other Services in Russia

Cruises on Russian rivers

From the part of GuiaRus we want to offer our clients the variety they are looking for, with guided excursions all over Russia, from guided cruises in Spanish on Russian rivers to excursions in Spanish to such cities as Tula or Helsinki.
In addition to the tours that you will find here, you can also choose the destination you want. GuiaRus will make the most suitable tour for you.

Find out how to have a cruise between the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg in both directions, river cruises on the Volga river or how to visit Helsinki, Tula or Kaluga from Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Tell us what you want to see and to know and we will organize the most suitable tour for you.

Come to know more about Russia, its history, its beauty, the corners that this country hides. 

Guide and driver services by the hour

A perfect option for people who like to plan their own trip but with the help of professionals.

Create the trip according to your taste and interests with the private guide and chauffeur service and choose where to go and what to see in Moscow and St. Petersburg!

Much more than just tour services and excursions

In GuiaRus we offer you translators from Russian to Spanish or other languages, in addition to many other things such as hourly guides or private driver services.