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From GuiaRus want to offer our customers the variety they seek, with guided tours throughout Russia, from guided in English by Russian rivers to excursions in English or in cities like Helsinki Tula cruises.
In addition to the tours you will find here may request the desired destination from GuiaRus we tour for you for you.

Learn how to cruise between the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg in both directions, river cruises on the Volga or how to visit Helsinki, Tula and Kaluga from Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Tell us what you know and we will organize a tour for you.

Come to Russia, history, beauty, hidden corners of this country, among scribes and know everything that I thought of Russia and more, with our tours in English in Russia.

Tours in Samara (Russia)

Samara was founded by the Decree of Tsar Fiodor in 1586 as guard fortress. In the mid-20th century city was changed name to Kuibyshev, in honor of a Russian revolutionary and a prominent Soviet politician. The termination of the cold war rose booked from the city seal and returned to Samara status recognized one of the international centers of scientific, cultural and commercial communication.

Today Samara is one of the most powerful regions economically in Russia. To get to Samara to rest or for business you won’t be bored in your hotel room. The multitude of entertainments and attractions can be found here.

Get to know the city and its places of interest in more detail, photos and other information, receive consultations and book the services of guide in Samara can be made from these detailed tours.

Tour in Novgorod

Novgorod, one of the oldest cities in Russia with a well-preserved historic center, definitely a place to visit and learn.

The first Russian capital, albeit for a short time

Come visit the walled city, the Monastery of Yurev and much more in this city for hundreds of years that blends with the modern.

Guide and driver services by the hour

A perfect option for people who like to plan their own trip but with the help of professionals.

Create the trip according to your taste and interests with the private guide and chauffeur service and choose where to go and what to see in Moscow and St. Petersburg!

Do not limit the Russian capital.

Come visit cities and places with GuiaRus dream, took them to places like Samara (next venue of the world), we invite you to Kolomna, Nizhny Novgorod and Novgorod among other places you’ll love. Or take a guided tour through the Russian river cruise can do from Moscow to St. Petersburg by River.

Always with English speaking guide we have no doubt it will be for you an unforgettable experience, travel to places less exploited tourist speaking and know the culture, history and memories of the people who live there.

In GuiaRus working to offer the best of Russia to reach.