Cruises Russian rivers

Crucero Moscu

An interesting way to see a country like Russia, is browsing through its many rivers. This walk is permitted by its large system of natural or man-created channels.

A possible cruise is offered by several companies which, for more than a week, linking the great imperial, famous cities to be repositories of great Russian art and architecture. We’re talking about the capital Moscow and St. Petersburg. Moscow is attractive, among thousands of other reasons for having a great heritage of historical buildings. St. Petersburg has inspired the greatest architects and craftsmen of Europe.

The navigation of rivers and canals is a way to see the beauty of these and other cities in a way that invites relaxation and contemplation, but also on board offer different attractions and shows.

San PetersburgoUn cruise several days cruise also offers the chance to meet fellow travelers and forge friendships with people who speak the same language.

Cruises are recommended for all ages but are mostly preferred by adults. Among the options offered are different routes: Cruise with departure and return to Moscow in luxury cruises and stopping at places like Yaroslava or Kazan. Another option is to do with departure from arrival in Moscow and St. Petersburg or conversely, departing from St. Petersburg to end the tour in Moscow with stops in cities like Uglich, Yaroslavl and Kizhi.
Cruise ships have mostly all services, good standard accommodation, full board and a choice of duration.

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