Tours in St. Petersburg

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Tours full days in St. Petersburg

With the full day tours in St. Petersburg we can teach the most impressive and beautiful places of this magnificent city. Make the most of your day visit and discover St. Petersburg by the hand of a guide in English in San Perterburgo.

We have a selection of excursions in English in St. Petersburg they have included all the places that really need to know. Choose suexcursión in English in St. Petersburg by time spent in this city. Make the most of your stay.

Half day tours in St. Petersburg

If you want to visit St Petersburg but have little time or want to take advantage of part of the day for other activities, half day tours are your best choice. Save time and money and find the essentials of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

In these excursions in St. Petersburg they know the highlights of the city of St. Petersburg with guides in English. Come aconocer St. Petersburg and arrange private tours with a guide in English only for you. The best way to learn Russian.

Thematic tours in St. Petersburg

Meet with GuiaRus the story behind St. Petersburg through specialized tours geared towards people who want to make a different trip with the advice of expert guides in English to visit some of the most special places in the city.

Please contact us and we will advise you on how to use the time in the city and that it is essential to visit. We have for you a choice of excursions in St. Petersburg in English to help you make St. Petersburg a comfortable and economical way.

Tours for Cruise Passengers

Tours designed for people who travel around the Baltic and call at the city of St. Petersburg, these tours are designed for you to explore the city of St. Petersburg with comfort, with start and return to the boat in a private vehicle .

All excursions for cruise passengers in St. Petersburg are designed so that they have time to leave and return to the ship before departure, tours 1 and 2 full days.

Short Tours in St. Petersburg.

If you travel to St. Petersburg for a conference, if traveling on a cruise or just want to have afternoons free to explore the city on your own but do not want to lose the advantages of knowing Petersburg’s expert guides, no doubt these tours are right for you.

We are waiting to know this great city in the hands of expert guides and with greater confidence.

Years of experience abalan us to offer the best services at the best price

Winter Tours in St. Petersburg

The city of the Czars in Winter

We strolled around St. Petersburg in winter with private vehicle, certainly know the city from the comfort of your vehicle.

We recommend a visit to this beautiful city, famous landmarks such as the Winter Palace square become magical places when winter and snow appear, let our guides guide them.

Stroll along the Venice of the North with the best views

Tours en San Petersburgo en español

Tours ideales para personas que quieren sacar el máximo partidi a sus días en San Petersburgo.

Con visitas guiadas de larga duración conociendo todo el centro y exteriores de la ciudad en pocos días pero con tiempo para disfrutar de cada lugar.

Muy recomendado para exprimir el tiempo al máximo.

Tours in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg City of the Czars, or also known as the Venice of the North, one of the prettiest and most cultural cities in Europe. Undoubtedly St. Petersburg is a must for any tourist visiting Russia destination.

With our excursions, you can meet the main tourist attractions and discover the great story behind St. Petersburg. Always accompanied by a guide in English at St. Petersburg you can enjoy all the places you visit with the tranquility of being in good hands.

All services are private we do not make group tours. Hire a private tour in English St. Petersburg.