Where to go during the Russian Winter

Where to go during the Russian Winter, one of the coldest in the world but at the same time fun. Traveling in Russia during the Winter is ideal for those who wish to vacation on these dates. Go on a trip in Russia in the Winter and know what you can visit and where.

Driving a sleigh, having herbal tea with cakes in the Santa Claus mansion, burning a winter effigy at a great carnival, all this and more you can enjoy in our country.

In this new opportunity I will bring you several places that you can visit during the winter that are worth knowing:


Where to go during the Russian Winter: from school, everyone knows that the city of Uglich played a very important role in the history of Russia, it is here, where Zarevich Dimitri playing with the “knives” was killed, he was the son youngest of Ivan the Terrible, so the Rurik dynasty stopped. Now the Prince’s house is in the oldest and most preserved part of the Uglich Kremlin.

Dimitri’s death is also reminiscent of Dimitri’s red and white church, but in Uglich there are many other interesting places, among which we have two convents, several ancient churches and cathedrals, including the Transfiguration and the Epiphany.

On the other hand, the Russian architecture of the orthodox sanctuaries in the city, are extremely entertaining and welcoming museums of nineteenth-century urban life “Legends of Uglich”, especially the local history museum of Russian Vodka (it is located in the province of Uglich where nation “King Vodka” of Russia, Peter Arsenievich Smirnov), also being the cutting-edge hydroelectric museum.

Veliky Novgorod

“The Father of Russian cities” in 2009 celebrated its 1150 years. At that time it was carefully restored, now it is very well arranged as a tourist city in Europe. The history is full in all the lanes, made all its buildings of wood and stone of the old city are covered by UNESCO. a very interesting city that crosses its borders. The famous and ancient lake Ilmen can be found 10 kilometers away, as well as the great Yuryev monastery founded by Yaroslav the Wise.


The Great Ustyug

In the twentieth century, the city of Ustyug became a modest regional center of the north, but also, it has something to brag about. One of its residents is known throughout the country and receives almost two hundred thousand letters annually. He lives on his farm, called the Natal House of Santa Claus; and throughout the year accepts children of any age, from daycare to retirement. There are modern paintings that complete the creation of artisans; made with carved patterns of birch bark, jagged iron and blackened silver, as if looking through the Russian winter. Inspired by the icy silver paint on the window panes.



Travel in Russia during the Winter and get to know Yaroslavl, one of the oldest Russian cities, but for more than 10 centuries it has managed to keep up with the times. Even now, it doesn’t impress the province. From the first steps along its streets it is clear that this is a prosperous and rich city. There are many theaters and it is better to plan a trip for premieres and interesting performances. In Yaroslav there are a lot of places of interest related to cinema and literature (places where the films “The Thief”, “Doctor Zhivago”, “Crew” and “The House of Bolkonsky” were filmed on the embankment. Of course, You should know that it is convenient to reach the ancient city of Myskin from here.



It is a transit city on the road to Baikal; which has become a place of strength and attraction of tourists of all stripes. In the summer, they come to do oriental practices and yoga, fish and relax in nature away from civilization. In winter, he rides with extreme teams where they organize dog sled races; They ride on the ice lake and celebrate an ice sculpture festival.



The cherished dream of Soviet tourists, the main competitor of the Turkish Antalaya, is a Russian alternative to the Ukrainian Crimea. Charming and annoying, it is impossible to find silence during the summer, but, in the winter the provinces are quite calm. All this is about Sochi, the only city in the subtropical, where in winter they come to ski. Nearby is the most famous ski resort in Russia, its name is Krasnaya Polyana; that in the coming years it will be bigger and developed, all thanks to the 2014 Olympic Games, the tender for which Russia won in 2007.



It is the third capital of Russia, a city with around 1000 years of history; The beautiful Kazan is surprising due to its architecture and the hospitality of its inhabitants. Here you can see the influence of both east and west; This encompasses language, architecture, cooking and much more. The Kremlin is amazing with its splendor and the Kul Sharif captive mosque is its tenderness. Here, the “Temple of All Religions” is not being built far from the city.


Nizhny Novgorod

Go on a trip in Russia in the Winter to an old mercantile city, where modernity has recently arrived. It is called “The Pocket of Russia” and “The Capital of the Volga region”; which for a long time was known as the third capital of Russia (it was unexpectedly patented by Kazan). It is here that we must go to admire the chambers of stone merchants; the wooden architecture to breathe fresh air on the shores of the Volga-Oka.



A trip to Suzdal is a real trip to the past. The earth walls bear the mark of the Middle Ages and remember the appearance of the first settlements in the territory of Suzdal. In the city there is a peaceful silence; which is occasionally broken by the sound of the bells of the numerous churches and monasteries and battles of the chimes of the Suzdal Kremlin. It is easy to forget the usual soda (almost every step traditional Russian drinks are sold as Sbiteni and Mead; including its non-alcoholic variants).

St. Petersburg

The foreign guides, leaving aside the noisy Moscow, put St. Petersburg in the first place of its pages. In Petersburg, you can go and stay in a good hotel near the five corners; Likewise, it is already possible to climb the huge St. Isaac’s Cathedral, and get lost in the labyrinth of the “Hermitage”.

The notorious “Spirit of Petersburg” is legendary, but even if it breaks down into chemical elements, it is impossible to reveal its secret. For anyone, Peter is the baroque architecture of Rastrelli; For anyone, it’s the words of Zenit fans or the meeting at the Idiot restaurant. However, there is an invariable tribute to the atmosphere of St. Petersburg, which is a fresh sea breeze that flies through numerous islands in the Neva Delta, so it is impossible not to catch it.

Where to go during the Russian Winter, you know that. In short, even during winter you can go to different and unique places in Russia; It is not only about summer, tourism in our country is designed for any time of the year since each place offers an unrivaled portrait.


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