Travel to Russia in autumn

What to visit in Russia in autumn here we tell you. Where to go in Russia during the Fall, a question that many want to know and we will give it to you. Places to vacation in Autumn in Russia, the best you can visit.

The license in autumn is not as bad as it might seem at first glance. It is often even more profitable: the number of tourists is reduced, and breathing becomes freer, especially since the air is also fresh and pleasant. We will tell you where to go to Russia during the fall. Below you will find that this is a good time to travel.

Places to vacation in Autumn in Russia, we give you a selection of the best sites during this season.

Where to go in Russia during the Fall:

The Black Sea in autumn

In autumn the velvet season arrives here, and this is a pleasure. There are fewer tourists, but there is enough heat. The days come comfortable and pleasant, while relaxing by the sea you can eat fruit or taste a young wine. The most favorable place for a trip is Sochi. The city is protected from cold air by the Caucasus Mountains, and in other places in the Black Sea it can be cooler.

Although Sochi has cloudy weather and it rains at times, do not worry: the entertainment complex is enough, since you can organize a trip to the Botanical Garden of Sochi, admire the inhabitants of the aquarium or go to the mountains, while the road is still not covered with snow.

Another option is to go to Anapa, where, in addition to the sea, it also has something to do: the ancient city of Gorgippia, the great Utrish sanctuary and other interesting places. If you are looking for, where to rest in the fall with children, pay attention to Kabardinka, where, for example, there is an old park that introduces children to the architecture of the different centuries so I assure you it will be a great Addition to the school textbook.

Crimea in autumn

Nature is incredible, unique views and exclusive delights of local winemakers and gardeners who are attracted to the Crimea not only in summer but also in autumn. Especially since the heat at this moment is falling, and you can’t feel the scorching sun, but the refreshing wind of the Black Sea.

If you want to catch more fall heat, go to Yalta. A comfortable holiday at sea is possible until mid-October. In addition, Yalta has many interesting historical places: the beautiful embankment, Massandra Palace, the ancient Armenian church. Children like the zoo, the aquarium and the Crocodilarium (yes, there are also themed establishments with good crocodiles).

The Crimean complexes are very compact. Even if you leave Yalta for several kilometers, the fairy tale will continue anyway. Nearby are Livadia, Alupka, Gurzuf, Simeiz.

The most convenient option to stop in Crimea is the private sector. The sea is close, the house has all the comforts, and in the fall they can be rented at more favorable prices.

The Golden Ring in autumn

What to visit in Russia in autumn: if you think you can have a good rest by the sea only in the summer; then in the autumn you can go to the regions, from the remote sea, this no less attractive. One of them is the Golden Ring of Russia. Here you will find ancient architecture, a historical spirit that primarily of Russia. In the fall the gold ring becomes gold in the truest sense of the word; thanks to the color of the leaves in numerous trees. Perhaps, these are the best places in Russia, where you can feel the breath of autumn.

In particular, we recommend a visit to Yaroslavl in the Transfiguration Cathedral and the Tolga Monastery, Vladimir, with its golden gate, with its Suzdal Kremlin and the commercial ranks, Kostroma with the Ipatiev monastery. In Rostov the Great you can go through the Assumption Cathedral, which was created in 991. But here Ivanovo, Sergiev Posad and Pereslavl-Zalessky are located. All the attractions of the gold ring, we cannot list them here, it is better to read the articles separately on our website about the attractions offered by this beautiful place.

St. Petersburg in autumn

One of the places to vacation in Autumn in Russia is where the southern seasons should go to rest; as long as it’s hot, the reason for this is that Peter formulated it slightly differently; until the moment the rains began. After all, when they start, it would be easier for the bronze rider to get out of his seat and catch up with you at the most inopportune moment; As we know from Aleksander Sergeevich Pushkin, these things are quite possible.

But while the monument to Pedro I is in place and contemplates peacefully the Palace Square; You can safely go on a trip. To talk about attractions in St. Petersburg, you can do them both day and night; so in his brief review we have time that only lists the Nevsky Prospekt, the Hermitage, the Cathedrals of St. Isaac and Kazan, the palaces of different styles, the Fortress of Paul and Peter; as well as the unsurpassed bridges.

In addition to post-production and presentation, there are other places in St. Petersburg, not so famous, but very curious. For example, it is associated with rock culture, which was born in Leningrad’s time.

You can also read about all these places and more on our website so you choose the one you like most that we will take care of the rest.

Visit Baikal in autumn

Where to go in Russia during the Autumn, meet Lake Baikal, the famous and majestic lake of Russia. Without a doubt for each person who wishes to know the country better, this address will be very interesting and unusual. The fall season has its advantages to visit Lake Baikal. First, there won’t be so many tourists and crowds; The weather is still good and pleasant for long walks, but the most important thing is nature. Autumn converts forests to pure gold, throughout the view you can admire the incredible landscapes.

All this makes Lake Baikal a perfect place to visit in autumn.