Travel to Russia in June, July and August


The Baltic “Sea and Caucasian mineral waters

The theme of Pedro I continues in the Baltic resorts. Although he built the fleet here, there is a high probability that he planned the resorts for recreation in June; He is still a large-scale person and thinks big. In general, there are excellent resorts in the Baltic Svetlogorsk and Zelenogradsk, not so unwound, but not loaded.

You can admire the local green streets, walk along the coast; breathe an incredibly clean Baltic air and sometimes even find pieces of amber on the beach. It does not mean that it is possible to build an amber business on this; but holiday impressions are exactly guaranteed.

A trip here is a great way to make sure that “Essentuki” and “Narzan” exist not only in supermarkets. In Minvody there are more than 130 sources, of course, you will not be able to drink immediately; But even a few liters of local water will have a beneficial effect on the body. In addition to the mineral springs, you will find here green parks, some of which enter the mountains. A crystalline air, a favorable climate: what else is needed for summer vacations?


This region is created for those who do not favor the beaches and do not like the scorching sun; Of which you will not need suntan cream. Isolated and somewhat distant from the rest of the world, Karelia is one of the most beautiful regions in Russia. Kizhi, Solovki, Valaam, rafting, hunting, fishing, walks through the vast forests, that’s why this region is famous. Karelia will also attract history lovers who will be able to see ancient petroglyphs and stone sanctuaries, at the local “Stonehendzhi”.

2. July:

It is the best time to relax. The Earth turns towards the Sun on the right side and at the right angle, so the nights are short, the days are long and the weather is warm. But something tells us that you already know all this, so we will drop this letter inappropriate for hot days and see where to rest during July in Russia.

Krasnodar Territory

This region of Russia has a direct exit to the two seas, and in fact there are entire countries where there is not a single sea, but here, in one region there are two at once: the Black and the Azov. Therefore, to come here in July, the same god of the sea ordered.

The most popular tourist centers in the region are Sochi, Anapa and Gelendzhik. The water in the Black Sea is warming up to +25 ┬░ C in July, it is practically possible to live there without leaving. To rest, all modern entertainment is applied, without which tourism would be inappropriate: surfing, diving, water skiing. For a change, you can visit a dolphinarium or water park, which is here in abundance throughout the coast. Near Sochi there are caves, dolmens, waterfalls, which are called to make an excursion.

In the tourist centers of the Azov Sea, in Yeisk, in the town of Golubitskaya and in the Dolzhanskaya language, they are even warmer than on the Black Sea coast. This is usually traveled by the whole family, including the little ones. Tourists praise this region for the sandy beaches and the coast with a gentle entrance to the water. With the infrastructure, too, there is no problem: amusement parks and water parks will add color to your rest in July.


The Crimean resorts are now at the peak of popularity, and in this statement there is not a drop of political order, only a lot of tourists go here. Yalta, Sevastopol, Alushta, Feodosia, Evpatoria: these are excellent places to relax in July.

Crimea, like the Krasnodar Territory, was lucky with the seas: here are black and azov. However, the Black Sea coast is more popular. In mid-July, the air becomes very warm and hot. If you are not afraid of ultraviolet rays, choose the western coast of Crimea, while on the south coast you can find more shadows thanks to the local vegetation.

The main entertainment, in addition to the recreation of the beach, you can practice diving, jet skiing and catamarans. You can visit all kinds of attractions, have fun in water parks and dolphinariums, admire the inhabitants of the zoos. For excursions in July, it is hot, but if you have the strength and desire, it is worth visiting the Crimean palaces, mountains and waterfalls, for all this it is not enough just to see.

Baltic countries

The Baltic climate is milder than the Black Sea, so here, in the Kaliningrad region, it is worth going to those who want to rest at sea and avoid the heat. The average temperature on the Baltic coast in July is approximately +23 ┬░ C during the day and at night + 15 ┬░ C. The main tourist centers of the local regions, where you can go in July, are Svetlogorsk and Zelenogradsk. Kaliningrad is not a tourist city, but it has a European style, with an interesting architecture that cannot be found in the rest of Russia.

In the Baltic Sea, the water is cold even in July, so the duration of the water procedures here is small: most tourists rest in the sand, sunbathe, walk and practice sports. The Curonian Peninsula is alone, where forests and a sandy beach are combined. The beaches on the grill are mostly wild.

Moscow and St. Petersburg

It is clear that summer is mainly a holiday at sea. But not always and not for everyone. If the coasts of distant seas do not appeal to you, it is time to travel across Russia to the mainland, and why not go to the capital, especially because we have two: one cultural and the other, the most real, without reservations.

Moscow in July looks festive: the sun shines, the trees creak, the numerous flower beds and the grass are pleasing to the eye, the tiles and cobbles are like. In addition to the classic Red Square, Arbat and VDNKh, in July they are attracted by the gardens and parks of Moscow: the Central Park of Gorky Culture, the Neskuchny Garden and Vorobyovy Gory.

Another option for a holiday in July is to go to St. Petersburg and capture the last days of the white nights. Of course, the program includes round trip and they are quite standard, but no less romantic is St. Petersburg. As for entertainment: walk along Nevsky Prospekt and contemplation of the bridges, in the suburbs of St. Petersburg excursions and visits to museums and palaces.

Gold ring

It is a good option for those who are interested in the history of Russia and appreciate the soothing silence of remote places. Yaroslavl, Vladimir, Suzdal, Rostov Veliky and other cities of this tourist itinerary are radically different from all the previous recreational options. There is no hustle and bustle on the busy beaches or on the busy metropolitan str

eets, but there are many unusual things: the walls of the old Kremlin, the dazzling and beautiful temples, the original Russian landscapes of freshness, the natural landscapes intact.

In July, the cities of the Golden Ring are hot, but not like in the south, and the trees are always ready to provide a shade of refuge. From a mandatory perspective you can access places of interest such as: Yaroslavl – Monastery of the Transfiguration in Posad and the Trinity in San Sergio, Vladimir – the Golden Gate, Kostroma – Shopping centers and the Church of the Resurrection.

We could go on and on, but the list of advantages of the Golden Ring is so great that it is easier to come and see everything with your own eyes.

3. August:

the rest in this month has its advantages: the heat of summer is already in decline, and the freshness of autumn has not yet arrived. This month is the last chance to go somewhere this summer, and it is a sin to miss this opportunity, because until next summer we will have to wait a whole year again. We think about where to go during August in Russia and we want to share our opinions and suggestions.

The Volga region

Very economical option without frying for recreation. The extensions of the Volga occupy a vast territory comparable to the size of some states.

Wherever you go, going up or down the Volga, in any case you will know an interesting city with some curiosity. Nizhny Novgorod with its unique relief, Kazan with its surprising combination of two cultures, Samara with its charming walk, Volgograd with its memorial and museum complex. You can also look at Ulyanovsk for Lenin’s grandfather’s homeland, or Astrakhan, home of the same watermelons that fill the counters of all national markets and supermarkets.

In August, a pleasant climate is established on the banks of the Volga, and if the Caspian Sea is a bit warmer, in other regions it is almost a paradise: summer is already leaving, but, as an educated person, you want to leave a Good memory of himself, and gives nice days, but not hot. You can relax on the beaches, go hunting and fishing, walk the cozy streets of the Volga cities and learn about their history. Many local places are associated with the activities of great writers, artists and statesmen, therefore, in the Volga region everything is in order not only with rest on the beach, but also with the cultural.

Krasnodar Territory

No matter how strong our desire to compile an original list is, but the brand “Resorts of the Krasnodar Territory”; thus he exercises his authority, which we simply have to yield to his onslaught. Yes, and you can go to the Black Sea all summer, not only in August. The average daily air temperature in the last summer month here is maintained at + 27 ┬░ C; and the water heats up to +25 ┬░ C. Sunbathing is better in the morning, because at noon in the air it smells like fried; and it’s not just about delicious treats in a cafe, it’s only hot.

If you are going to rest in the Black Sea with children, we recommend that you do not choose the great tourist centers, but the surrounding villages. Tourists there a little less, but in general it is quieter. Especially in these places, housing is rented mainly in the private sector, so you can find a quiet place.

As the heat in the Black Sea does not fall in August, the rest here is almost like a beach. Taking an excursion in this climate is not very comfortable, but if you take a cool day, it is worth going to the local beauties. Enter the cave, stroll through the botanical garden or go to local winemakers to try their products.


In this region the clean sea, the bright sun, the natural beauty and the historical views were miraculously intertwined. To all this is added a local flavor; which is created, among other things; by the owners of the Abkhazia guest houses and other houses on the coast. They will do everything for you: they will provide accommodation and where to go to be introduced to the local cuisine. The treats here are special, in other places you will not find such; Excellent wine, cheeses, meat dishes, fruit dispersion, tea from local plantations and much more.

As for the beaches and the sea, here they are almost everywhere clean; No matter which Abkhazia station you go to: Gagra, Pitsunda or Sukhum. The beaches are pebble and sand, mostly well equipped, but there are also wild “spots”. All this is combined with ancient monuments, created in the times of antiquity and the Middle Ages. For example, the wall of Kelasur, which extends for more than 150 kilometers; or the ruins of a fortress on the mountain of Satanjo, go to the old fortifications on the crest of Aisra. You can often find religious buildings; among which we will mention the Patriarchal Cathedral in Pitsunda.


It is good because it is possible to rent accommodation practically all along the coast, a few minutes walk from the sea. This applies to almost all complexes. You can choose from comfortable mini-hotels, comfortable guest houses and other options in the private sector. It makes sense to stay in small cities; where, compared to large and well developed tourist centers, rest in August will be cheaper.

Sudak and Theodosia stand out on the east coast of Crimea. The beaches are sandy and pebble, and the mountains gradually become steppe. If you want to practice windsurfing, you can reach Cape Kazantip. If the old structures tempt you, it is worth calculating the Genoese fortress in Sudak.

The southern coast of Crimea is the most famous. However, not in vain In Alushta, Gaspra and Gurzuf a good infrastructure, is sharpened especially for tourists. In the western part of the peninsula is Evpatoria, which is ideal for recreation with children. In general, the west coast is cheaper than others, you can always find a favorable price, even in August.


Southern resorts are, of course, good, but there are other excellent places in Russia where you can relax in August. Almost no one will argue about the fact that Lake Baikal is one of those. Despite all the telling stories, he is still the purest in the country; and resting here at the end of summer is a fabulous pleasure. At this time, Baikal is warm and dry; during the day it can reach +25 ┬░ C, but the local winds do not fall asleep; There are breezes that can significantly cool the air, so it is better to wear warm clothes on the trip.

For recreation on Lake Baikal, tourists choose mainly the Slyudyanka, Listvyanka, Chivyrkuisky Bay and Olkhon Island settlements. Another option is to stop in Irkutsk (from where it is necessary to reach the lake) or in Baikalsk, located directly on the coast.

You can swim in a lake until the end of summer, but in many places the water is cold; therefore we recommend bays (Chivyrkuisky, Mukhor, Barguzinsky), where the water temperature reaches 20 ┬░ C. However; even if the conditions for bathing are not very rewarding; The beauty of the surroundings will not go anywhere yet. Baikal is surrounded by mountains and forests, which will provide you with many impressions and an excellent set of memorable images.

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