How to travel to Russia easily

Travel to Russia easily

Lo mejor de cada ciudad en Rusia

You plan to travel to Russia, you don’t know how to organize your days in this big country and you need advice. Agencies in your country charge great prices for short-term excursions or knowing what they decide is best for you. Do not hesitate, enter we will help you organize your days. We will create a custom program. We will advise you on everything you need and you will undoubtedly know the best of each city in Russia. How to travel to Russia easily, we tell you.

We can visit many amazing cities and famous resorts with traveling to Russia. In our selection you will find the best of each city in Russia, which you should definitely pay attention to when planning a vacation. Traveling to Russia you can easily do it with us.

The best of each city in Russia

Golden ring

The Golden Ring has long been an absolute tourist success of traveling to Russia. Both among Russians and among foreigners. The cities that played the most important role in the history, culture and development of Russia join in this fascinating excursion route. Vladimir, Kostroma, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl, Suzdal, Rostov, Sergiev Posad. The best of every city in Russia is in this wonderful city.

Abrau durso

This name is well known to sparkling wine connoisseurs, but attention should be paid to those who are looking for a nice and quiet place. To spend a beach holiday in the best of each city in Russia. The clear Black Sea, the picturesque mountains, the exotic forests, the Abrau lake.

This is enough to feel in this place, as in a fairy tale. Well, if this is not enough, you can take a trip to the legendary local champagne wine factory. We have it in traveling to Russia easily.

Curonian spit

A nature reserve with an incredible landscape, spread on the Baltic coast. It is an ideal place for both a romantic and leisurely break by the water, and for an active study of the local nature. In the famous “dancing” forest there is absolutely no shy moose and roe deer, and on the seashore you can find whole amber pleasures.


The deepest lake in the world offers its guests relaxation for all tastes. You can travel to Russia and explore the islands of Olkhon and Ogoy. Enjoy the purest waters during excursions, go rowing or diving. Observe the seal colony, go to the hot springs and the Volcano Valley or just lie on the shore. Energized by a place of power An ideal way to spend an unforgettable time here will be driven by nature itself.

Travel to Russia


The incredible and original Karelia is the land of lakes, of which there are 60 thousand! However, fishing and boat trips are far from being the only thing that can be occupied in this place. On Lake Onega there is a museum-reserve “Kizhi” with unique monuments of wooden architecture. The best of each city in Russia can be seen here with us.

And in Ladoga, the famous island of Valaam. Also, once in Karelia, you should definitely take a tour of the White Sea to Solovki, Kivach Falls, numerous national parks and the Waters Martial complex with healing springs. Traveling to Russia easily is our goal for you.


The main tourist city of the Krasnodar territory has long been a point of attraction for those who prefer to travel to Russia. And after the Olympic Games took place here in the winter of 2014, Sochi began claiming the title, nothing more and nothing less, of the Russian Riviera. But expensive hotels, fancy restaurants and clubs. The boutiques are far from being the only thing that makes this place attractive and even unique.

Sochi and its surroundings are famous for their incredible nature. Picturesque waterfalls and lakes, mountains, gorges and canyons, which are impressive, and healing springs. There are many other places of interest here. The ruins of a Byzantine fortress, a lighthouse, an observation tower on Mount Akhun. But Sochi’s main pride is the sea, whereby people come here every year. Tourist crowds.


To describe all the charms of Crimea, some suggestions are not enough. Only the views that you should definitely include in your excursion route, simply cannot be considered here.

Bakhchisaray, Feodosiya, Yalta, Sevastopol, Koktebel, Kerch. Wherever you are, there are always many interesting places nearby that you will want to see with your own eyes in traveling to Russia easily.

Therefore, when planning to travel to Russia, tune in not only to swim in the Black Sea, but also highlight a few days that you can spend traveling on the peninsula.


Holidays in Seliger will appeal to those who value a peaceful and contemplative vacation. Only a couple of days is enough to feel charged with the energy of this hidden place in the forests of Tver and Novgorod. There are sanatoriums and recreation centers for all tastes and budgets. Camping romance lovers can camp on the lake (or on one of the islands).

While in Seliger, you should not miss the opportunity to go to the village of Volgoverkhovye to see the drip. It is considered the source of the largest river in Europe, as well as visiting the island of Stolobny in the monastery. Where the relics of the Nile Monk are stored.

Staraya russa

Not without reason, Staraya Russa is called the Dead Sea and Baden-Baden in a single bottle: this place is ideal to combine relaxation with rituals of rejuvenation and healing. The unique microclimate, springs and therapeutic sludges made this ancient city in the Novgorod region one of the most famous health centers in Russia.

Now we also have staff working in many of the countries of Latin America and Spain. With a simple call you can solve your doubts, without paying for conferences to other countries. The best of each city in Russia can advise you.

Traveling to Russia we always look for ways to make everything more comfortable for our clients, and always working in Spanish.

We are at your service to create the trip of your dreams to travel to Russia easily.

GuiaRus, le mostramos el alma de Rusia.

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