Tsereteli and Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art

What to see about Tsereteli in Moscow, one of the great artists that left its mark on the world. What to see in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow, here we show it. Taking a tour about contemporary art in Moscow is ideal for you.

What to see about Tsereteli in Moscow

Que ver sobre Tsereteli en Mosc├║

Our great protagonist today is Zurab Tsereteli, one of the most avant-garde artists of the 20th century. Creator of works as interesting and impressive as:

  • Eternal friendship (Moscow, 1983)
  • The tragedy of the peoples (Moscow, 1995)
  • The birth of a new man (Seville, 1995)
  • Monument to Peter the Great (Moscow, 1997)
  • To the fight against world terrorism (Bayonne, New Jersey, 2006). Very committed to the promotion of culture and artistic projects; It organizes exhibitions and sales of its works to raise funds to support projects of this institution.

Russian sculptor, painter and architect born in Tbilisi (Georgia), Tsereteli is one of the most avant-garde artists of the 20th century. He is the creator of the Moscow International Foundation for the support of UNESCO, the Academy of Russian Fine Arts of the UNESCO International Chair for Fine Arts and the International Design Center. It is the best thing to see about Tsereteli in Moscow.

Other important works of Tsereteli are; for example the bronze statues given to the Orthodox Church for the Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer in Moscow.

But his greatest work is the immense statue that is in the center of the city of Moscow, by Peter I. A 96m statue to be seen on Tsereteli in Moscow. of height that is placed on a base of sources that give the sensation that it moves by the river; no doubt a work worth contemplating.

What to see in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow

What to see about Tsereteli in Moscow in the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art; Opened in 1999, it contains a collection of more than 2,000 works by renowned artist Zurab Tsereteli. The artist gave these works to the museum to be part of this great collection. The Moscow Museum of Modern Art is the first state museum dedicated to promoting and exhibiting the works of modern and contemporary art that comprise the 20th and 21st centuries.

What to see in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow at the base of the collection of this museum was formed from the personal collection of Tsereteli; composed of more than 2 thousand works of renowned masters of the twentieth century. During the last decade the funds of this Muscovite museum increased considerably with the acquisitions and donations received; currently becoming one of the most representative collections of Russian art of the twentieth century.


Que ver en el Museo de Arte contemporáneo de Moscú

Masters of European and American art are represented through the lithographs of figures such as Pablo Picasso, Fernand L├ęger, Salvador Dal├ş, Joan Mir├│ and Rufino Tamayo. The heritage of this museum has given special emphasis to its collection of avant-garde Russian art; exposing works of world famous artists such as Kazimir Malevich, Alexandra Exter, Natalia Goncharova, Robert Falk, Ivan Pouni, Vladimir Baranov-Rossine and David Burlyuk.

In recent years the Moscow Museum of Modern Art has fully committed to contemporary art. To such an extent that the collections that show previous stages of artistic development seem to have been relegated to the museum’s stores forever.


The main building (on Petrovka Street, 25), which houses a permanent exhibition; and temporary exhibitions are held; It is an old urban estate of the wealthy industrial and Uralian merchant, Gubin, built in 1793 by the famous architect Kazakov.

Another exhibition space (in the Ermolaevsky alley, 17) is a five-story building; It was built according to the Markov project in 1913 for the Moscow Architecture Society with the contributions of the Architects.

In the Soviet era the property belonged to the Muscovite Union of Artists; Youth exhibitions were exhibited here, and there were creative workshops. The ÔÇťZurabÔÇŁ Gallery (Tverskoi Boulevard, 7) since the late 1960s served as a creative workshop for Zurab Tsereteli himself, and is now one of the museum’s sites.

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow constantly expands the scope of its activities; being one of the most active participants in the artistic life of the capital. It is currently located at three sites in the center of Moscow.


Visitors to The Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow expect constant exhibitions of works by the People’s Artist of the USSR Zurab Tsereteli and molds of ancient sculpture works from the Pushkin Museum collection. A. S. Pushkin, as well as the exhibition “Words and things”, “Educational drawing. Workshop of monumental painting by Alexander Bystrov” and photographic exhibition of Massimo Vicinanza “Lucania”.

In addition, in the room “Apple” will be the traditional V International Moscow Art Festival “Sounds of the Dutar” named after Nury Halmamedov, dedicated to the celebration of National Unity Day.

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Artists of the Helikon Opera Moscow Musical Theater, the MGIMO Proxenos choir, the mixed study choir at the Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the National Guard of the Russian Federation, the choreography study of the Japanese school and the international vocal-instrumental ensemble from Mehrabanan they constantly go to the muse so you can’t miss a tour about contemporary art in Moscow.

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Some comments of this museum in Tripadvision

ÔÇťCompletely originalÔÇŁ

They took me to know nothing about him (how ignorant am i) and I was impressed. Interesting, provokes thoughts and controversial. If nothing else the magnitude of some of the sculptures is a feast for the eyes. We also had a very good dinner at the restaurant on the ground floor; although as always in Russia the service was appalling. I was very privileged and we saw the place near empty at night; so I have no idea what it is like during the day. But it is not to not miss it.


This place is really short of breath. The friction scale of the sculptures, combined with the sense of casuistic reality was a truly memorable experience.

ÔÇťIf you are going to visit Moscow you have to see this museumÔÇŁ

Zurab Tsereteli is my personal friend and I have had the pleasure of seeing all his museums, I have traveled all over the world but what I have seen in this museum is something that I really cannot explain. Just take the day to see all the different sculptures, mosaics and art paintings that will leave you stunned, sure. I liked Zurab and I liked him for many reasons and I have never met a person more philosophical than he will find in all his art.