The history of the CPE began in 1935, as the Agricultural Exhibition of the entire Soviet Union. The main committee of the exhibition received about 250,000 applications from collective and state farms, machine and tractor stations and academic institutions to participate in it. A true city emerged, from an area of ​​136 hectares, where 250 buildings and constructions were erected, parks with ponds were created, experimental plots were organized. About 20 hectares were occupied with crops and plantations, which represented the agriculture of the Soviet Union.

The opening of the exhibition, which was held on August 1, 1939, was a true national holiday. At the entrance, the famous 24-meter sculpture “El Obrero y la Koljosiana” of the outstanding sculptor Vera Mujina, previously created for the Soviet pavilion at the Universal Exhibition in Paris, was built in 1937. The entrance to the fairground was designed in the traditional style of the ancient Roman triumphal arches. This sculpture became the emblem of the agriculture exhibition of the entire Union.

The agricultural exhibition was attended by 2000 guides, 1000 group companions and 200 guides for foreign visitors. This sample planned for only one event had such a resounding success that the decision was made to continue the permanent operation of the exhibition. In 1940, in 5 months, the exhibition was visited by more than 4.5 million people.

On May 28, 1958, it was decided to merge the agricultural, industrial and construction exhibitions into one, the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR (Exhibition Center of the USSR) A place that immerses you in the history of Russia and offers you the opportunity to know the architecture and style of classical Russia.

15 interesting things about VDNKh
Interesting architectural monument


There are four great sources in VDNH, which are the centers of the planning zones: a unique composition in the Fountain Alley, the famous “Friendship of the Peoples”, for which the beautiful representatives of 16 union republics posed for them, “Flor of Stone “, created based on the stories of Pavel Bazhov, and also the fat Golden Ear, located near the Upper Pond for the delight of passers-by, navigators and coffee visitors. The rest are fountains in the pavilions, not so popular, but no less pleasant.



Finally, the largest aquarium in Moscow and Europe was opened. Moskvarium visitors will travel from Baikal to the Galapagos Islands, from the Icelandic fjords to the Great Barrier Reef, from Greenland to Kamchatka. 80 huge aquariums and specially designed pools can accommodate 8,000 amazing fish and marine animals, a tactile pool with starfish and rays that you can touch, as well as an interactive playground for children.

The building of the complex is conditionally divided into an aquarium, swimming center with dolphins and the main hall, where …

Cafes, Bars


You can start an ideal day of rest in the popular Druzhba coffee, sitting on one of the two terraces or in the summer bar, and enjoy fresh coffee, French omelette and aromatic cakes. With the onset of heat, the window decoration was updated in the cafe, and now visitors have a panoramic view of the Fountain of Friendship of the Peoples and the Central Alley. And don’t forget to bring one of the institution’s exclusive lemonades for a walk in the park.

Bicycle rent

En el territorio de VDNH y Ostankino Park, operan ocho coloridas bicicletas retro de alquiler y equipos deportivos de Bosco. Todos los huéspedes del parque pueden viajar en un vehículo alquilado, independientemente de su edad y preferencia. Para los visitantes hay coches de ciclo de cuatro plazas y bicicletas con asiento para niños. Puede alquilar un vehículo recreativo en un punto y alquilarlo en cualquier otro punto ubicado en el parque.

Precio de alquiler: desde 300 rublos por hora

Cultural center

Summer reading room

The reading room is located in a quiet green area, not far from the Central Alley in front of the House of Culture. After you have issued a library card, here you can take a book of interest and, sitting in the shade on a puff or hammock, read it calmly. You can return the book not only to the reading room, but also to any library in the city or to one of the 6 racks of book crossings, which are installed in quiet resting places outside the central area. Wi-Fi is free here.

Panda park

Sky Town

In the territory of VDNH, the first high-altitude rope park is installed in Russia, at the top point of which there is an observation platform. The complex includes 90 original elements and routes at various heights with three difficulty levels of high altitude tracks, as well as a parkour for children and giant swings with a scale of 16 meters. Similar panda parks have already been built around the world: in Europe, China, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and Latin America. In Sky Town, sports activities become a fascinating attraction with gymnastics exercises. The park is fully certified in accordance with all safety standards, and the SSB insurance system …

VDNH port

A place of attraction for all visitors to the VDNKh leisure park, with a real beach, clean pools, comfortable sun loungers, a food court and non-stop dancing. Guests of the “Port in VDNH” are always in an atmosphere of serenity and a beautiful holiday. In “Porto” it is better to spend time with children, for whom a varied entertainment program and friends are offered. Here jazz club parties and jazz improvisations, painting workshops, sand volleyball and frisbee games, pool lessons in yoga, water aerobics and free fitness workouts are held, and

Ping-pong in VDNH

You can play table tennis with friends in an open area to play table tennis, with a play area of ​​630 square meters. In this exciting and exciting game, two to four people can participate at the same time, and even fans can quickly become professionals and true strategists. The Olympic sport – ping-pong ̶ will not leave indifferent children or adults. The connoisseurs of the fast racket kicks can develop their own style of play and participate in competitions.

Sports club, cultural center

The chess club, with an area of ​​400 square meters, is located in a wooden pavilion built between the House of Culture and the administrative building. There are 12 wooden tables in the game room, which can be played for free. Workshops, paid classes and contests will be held here. Individual classes are taught by an international teacher, in the program the theory and practice of playing chess, as well as problem solving. In addition to the game room, the club has a room for mothers and children, a pantry for storing game equipment and a bathroom. The building itself is constructed with ecological materials and adapted …


Popular street food is now widely represented at VDNH Park, where the Pyan-Xe gastronomic project is famous for its incredibly delicious Asian steamed buns with a variety of fillings. The meatballs, as they are also called, are prepared in special wooden boxes and packed in paper, so that their flavor is perfectly preserved. VDNH reaches different people: savers, family, conservatives and young people, so the quality of food in Pian-Ses is very high and prices are more than affordable. In addition, the project exists next to the barista shop Make My Day, which boils …

Sports Court Complex

In the territory of VDNH there are several outdoor sports fields, one of which is located near the “Physical culture and sports” pavilion. This platform for playing futsal and airsoft is free, open for free visits and operates in a live queue. For fans equipped with extendable supports for up to 95 people. You can play calmly and in the dark, since artificial lighting is provided here.

The complex of other sports fields is also for playing futsal and basketball, but these areas of the game …

Theme park

Imagine a house standing upside down, all the objects in it are also upside down, and this is not an illusion, nor a museum nor an architectural monument, but a fascinating interactive attraction. The sensations that visitors experience are literally dizzying. The interior of the Changeling House mimics the life of an average European resident: wooden furniture, dishes from the most common supermarket and a small car in the garage. Only now the walk around the house lasts a long time and the fear that something heavy will fall on your head will take you in that moment …

Ship stations

Near the small ponds there are two boat stations “In oars”. The VDNH general water garage includes 19 four-seater boats and 15 catamarans. For comfortable and safe passenger boarding and disembarkation, floating docks with a length of 39 meters are specially equipped. The park administration recommends that it be done from Monday to Friday or on weekends in the morning when there are not too many people and that you take a boat ride through the pond.

Boat rental cost: 300 rubles per hour

Summer Cafes

At the end of the park, on the banks of the pond, surrounded by silence and tranquility, is the “Summer” cafe. Here it is worth taking a break from a whole day of walks and impressions, enjoying the sun and the views of the water. By the way, after lunch, you can rent one of the boats, right next to the rental station, and take a ride now on the water, passing the Kolos fountain and back. The cafe has panoramic windows and is open to visitors throughout the year.

Average bill: 700 rubles

“Aquiles” horse club

You can see and caress a true Welsh pony in the historic horse breeding pavilion. The Aquiles equestrian center is located here, where 20 thoroughbred horses are housed in comfortable stalls, including the Kazakh Akhal-Teke, the Oryol trotter, the Hanoverian, the Russian horse, the German trakenensky and the Vladimir heavy truck. Experienced riders can practice jumping and dressing, beginners are taught individual riding lessons in the arena and the playground, and for children with developmental disabilities, the club regularly organizes hippotherapy classes.