What to see in Moscow and St. Petersburg

What to see in Moscow and St. Petersburg, one of the biggest questions of our tourists. For example, in Moscow we can visit the VDNKh park, and in St. Petersburg go to visit the Peter and Paul Fortress, these are the most popular places in each city, so we invite you to read our article and learn a little more .

If you are on vacation and want to spend unforgettable days in the most prosperous cities of Russia, we recommend you go to either Moscow or St. Petersburg, for this, we have prepared an article to see a small review between both cities:

1.1 River cruise along the Moskva River
1.7 VDNKh
1.8 Zamoskvorechye – Pyatnitskaya, Bolshaya Ordynka
1.9 The Kremlin Cathedral Square
1.10 Red Square, GUM and St. Basil’s Cathedral
1.11 Accommodation recommendation for your stay in Moscow
2 St. Petersburg:
2.1 Nevski Avenue
2.2 Peterhof
2.3 The Peter and Paul Fortress
2.4 The Marble Palace
2.5 The Leningrad Zoo
2.6 The Embankment of the English


River cruise along the Moskva River by boat

Sailing on a motor boat along the Moscow river is amazing. You can marvel on a river walk like no other, which will allow you to make a first impression of Moscow or simply enjoy the idleness of the atmosphere of a walk. The ship leaves the dock near the Kiev station and sails along the same center of the capital. For an hour and a half you can see the main sights of Moscow, such as the Kremlin, Gorky Park, Marsh Island, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and much more.

It is preferable to choose a warm day to navigate and the fresh river will refresh and invigorate it with the beauty of the capital, which will create the environment for the whole day.

Visit the VDNKh park

The exhibition of achievements of the national economy migrated from the Soviet past and was transformed into a modern exhibition of parks where everyone can find something interesting for him. In the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the People, there is the source of Friendship of Peoples, known to all Soviet children. Visit the VDNKh park where you can lose track of time spending time with the whole family. Children will be curious to immerse themselves in the life of City Farm or visit the largest oceanarium in Russia: Moskvarium. In ENEA you will find the cosmonaut alley with monuments of famous astronauts and designers, and you can learn a lot in the museum space.

The Red Square, GUM and St. Basil’s Cathedral

The Red Square is the main square of our country, attracts thousands of tourists and guests from abroad annually. To be in the Red Square is to feel a real delight and succumb to the general emotion that reigns here. The Red Square without exaggeration is the most visited place in Moscow.

In addition to the Kremlin walls, there is something to see and visit. This is complemented by the Cathedral of San Basilio, without its multicolored domes, it is difficult to imagine the Red Square. Facing the Kremlin is the legendary GUM, a place that has ceased to be just a store, but became the most real sight of the city of Moscow.

Accommodation recommendation for your stay in Moscow:

If you are traveling, as a personal recommendation, it is important to choose a hotel; since it is the main criterion to evaluate the distance from the city center, means of transport and comfort in the hotel. Below is a list of 10 hotels located in the heart of Moscow; 10 minutes walk from the Kremlin and Red Square.

  • Sheraton Palace Hotel Moscow
  • Radisson Royal Hotel
  • National Hotel
  • Golden Ring Hotel

It is important to remember that hotels in the city center are in great demand, and booking rooms in them, especially in the summer it takes to move forward. It is better to stay at least 2-3 months before the date of travel.

For more information you can go to www.guiarus.com

St. Petersburg:

St. Petersburg, like Moscow, attracts many tourists every year; not only from all of Russia, but also from all over the world. In Moscow, tourists will visit the Red Square and admire the Moscow Kremlin; and to St. Petersburg to see the capital of the Russian Empire. In St. Petersburg, there is something to see and where to go. Almost everyone who arrives in St. Petersburg for the first time; They begin their friendship with the city by taking a walk through the Nevski Prospekt. This is the main street of St. Petersburg, and although it is not pedestrian. Thousands of people pass through it every day.

Nevski Avenue

Walking along Ka Nevski Avenue is convenient and unique since walking down the street; You can see almost all the most important places in the city. This avenue is also very convenient for a complete pedestrian walk. The length of it is 4.5 km and begins right in the Palace Square and the Alexander Garden. But we will not go from beginning to end; but from the middle. We will move from the Rising Square; It is in this square where the Moscow Train Station is located, from where the trains depart to Moscow.

Along the subway stations of Nevsky Avenue there are some very symbolic places; For example, we have Aleksandra Nevskogo Square, this is the end of Nevski Prospekt Avenue; Vosstaniya Square, is the Moskovsky train station found here; Gostiny Dvor and the Nevsky Prospect, are the central part of the avenue; and the Admiralty is the closest to the square station of the palace.

On Nevsky Avenue there are so many attractions both on the left and on the right, so you can spend a whole day touring it. Our route will show you some of them. It is very convenient to purchase a tourist map of St. Petersburg, which you can take for free at the information points of the city.


It is located in the southern part of the Neva Bay. The Bay of Neva, also called Markizova Puddle, is located in the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland. You could say that Peterhof is located in the southern Gulf of Finland, but this would be inaccurate; because the length of the Gulf of Finland is 420 km. Therefore Peterhof, like St. Petersburg and Kronstadt; It is located in the east of the Gulf of Finland and in the south of the Neva Bay.

Practically visiting Peterhof is necessary, if only for a visit to St. Petersburg. It’s like visiting Moscow and not going to the Red Square.

  • Among the most prominent places we can find:
  • The Peterhof Grand Palace
  • Anichkov Palace
  • The Anichkov Bridge
  • Peterhof Fountains
  • Peterhof Chapel
  • The stables of Peterhof Palace
  • The Monplaisir Palace
  • The Peter and Paul Cathedral

Visit the Peter and Paul Fortress

The Peter and Paul Fortress is the first building in St. Petersburg. This was the way the city was founded in 1703 by Peter I. As the territory passed to the Russian Empire during the war with Sweden; The fortress was also built to protect it from the Swedes. The fortress was placed on Hare Island, so the fortress’s weapons had to defend the city from invasion along the two main branches of the river. It was supposed that the maritime boundaries of St. Petersburg protected it, this fortress (Kronstadt) was built in 1704.

Here we can observe some of the following sets:

  • The Gate of Peter and Paul’s fortress
  • The Great Ducal Tomb and Monument to Peter I
  • The Peter and Paul Cathedral and Cathedral Square
  • Trubetskoy Bastion Prison

Visiting the Peter and Paul Fortress is ideal for you.

The Marble Palace

It is located throughout the center of the capital, with its Beauty and Modernism it is one of the most sophisticated buildings in terms of infrastructure. In fact it is a great emblem in St. Petersburg for being the first building erected here. This great construction was made with 32 types of marble from around the world (Italy, Greece and Russia itself).

Inside, there are decorations that symbolize the spring and autumn seasons; So they give it an incredible finish.


Leningrad Zoo

In this zoo inhabit more than 2500 species of wildlife; which also contains about 150 species of birds where some are in the red book of IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature). Here excursions and tours are offered to the general public; Special events are also included with the same animals that live here and thus give a pleasant time for visitors.




The Embankment of the English

Located on the Neva River; It is a group of houses built by a group of English merchants who arrived in the country in 1735. These houses have an interesting facade and have a unique historical value; since in them they have inhabited recognized of the hiostoria (ministers, countesses, among others).

Accommodation recommendation for your stay in St. Petersburg:

If you want to stay in central and reputable hotels, I recommend you go to the ones below I show you:

  • Corinthia Hotel St Petersburg
  • Radisson Royal Hotel
  • Only Sokos Hotel Palace Bridge
  • Kempinski Hotel Moika 22
  • The State Hermitage Museum l Hotel

What to see in Moscow and St. Petersburg we show you with an incredible excursion accompanied by our professionals in Spanish .. For more information you can go to www.guiarus.com

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