What to see in Moscow in autumn – exhibitions

What to see in Moscow in autumn while on vacation, here we bring it. Hiking in autumn in Moscow is ideal for a low season in tourist which makes it quieter. Places to visit in autumn in Moscow is ideal for you.

Moscow is a beautiful city that attracts many tourists and visitors. There are a lot of attractions and beautiful places that you can visit not only in summer but also in autumn. Moscow parks have a special atmosphere. Contents [hide] 1 The weather in Moscow in autumn 2 beautiful parks in Moscow for a walk in autumn 2.1 Estate Kolomenskoye 2.2 Sparrow Hills 2.3 The main botanical garden in Moscow named after N.V. Qitsina 2.4 Gorki Park 2.5 Brateevsky Park 3 amusement parks for children Weather in Moscow in autumn Tourists often come to the capital in autumn. During this period, it is moderately warm, with a small amount of precipitation. September is the most favorable for long walks. In October, the air temperature begins to decrease gradually, and in November prolonged and prolonged rains are possible. In the fall, a sharp change in the weather is possible.

The first snowfall often falls in November. In September, the air temperature warms up to +20 degrees Celsius. Torrential rains are rare, the Indian summer occurs in the first half or mid-September. Beautiful parks in Moscow for a walk in autumn The capital attracts tourists with numerous parks.

Guests can relax in a varied and complete way. These are the favorite places of the locals who come to the parks on weekends or after a hard day at work. There are secluded places where you can taste delicious coffee, have a glass of beer, dine or have a snack. In the autumn parks you get beautiful photos. Below is a selection of the best places in Moscow, where you should definitely go in autumn

Excursion in autumn in Moscow

With the beginning of autumn the high season of exhibitions in Moscow begins.

In addition to seeing historical places, taking guided tours, do not miss the opportunity to visit the most interesting exhibits and get to know the cultural part of the city.

Places to visit in autumn in Moscow

Manor Kolomenskoye It is located on Andropov Avenue. This is a popular park in the capital, where locals and tourists relax. Here you can visit the museum reserve. Every day more than a thousand people come. ₽ Visa application center in Moscow Project statement on the announced site.

Until February This place is very beautiful in autumn. The leaves of the trees turn purple yellow. Fallen leaves begin to creak underfoot. At this time, you can take beautiful photos here. Manor Kolomenskoye has a rich history of development. This is the beloved residence of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich. In the territory is the Ascension Garden, whose area is 5 hectares. Here grows a lot of trees, mainly apple trees. There are also old oaks that are almost 400 years old.

The only building that has survived the Alexander Palace is the pavilion. On the Kolomenskoye estate you can see the tower of the Bratsk fortress or the Mokhovaya fortress. Here, guests have ample opportunities: familiarization with the activities of a true Russian beekeeper; gaining knowledge about the life of the teacher; The subtleties of bee care. On the farm there are living rooms, utility rooms, personal plots, the apiary itself. There are real hives, but nobody knows if there are bees or not. Visitors can take a guided tour of Kolomenskoye.

Vorobyovy Gory This is the most popular and famous place in the capital.

This park regularly organizes cultural events. Local residents and guests of Moscow can attend concerts, fairs, sports competitions. They are carried out regardless of the time of the year. Nearby there is Moscow State University, as well as the Luzhniki sports complex. If you come to the Vorobyovy Gory park in autumn, you must visit the observation deck. This is where an incredibly beautiful view of the city opens. This is the favorite place for photographers who want to take stunning photos. Here young and old couples walk at different times of the year. Young people often come here to rent rollers or a bicycle. Leasing points are open until November.

There is a track with a smooth asphalt surface on the embankment. If the autumn is warm, in early mid-September, local residents sunbathe and even swim in the Moscow River. Although there are special signs in the park that prohibit such activities. In warm autumn weather, you can book a boat trip. The cost of a trip is 300 rubles in 15 minutes. Near the pier, you can find boats belonging to Capital Shipping Company. A boat ride leaves no one indifferent

The main botanical garden in Moscow is named after N.V. Qitsina The Botanical Garden is located in the northeast part of the capital. Here usually come older people, young people, lovers of rollers and bicycles. There are also people who live in other areas to walk in a relaxed environment. This garden is located in a convenient location. You can take a ride on buses 24, 85 and 803 or on a trolleybus number 9, 36, 73. Tourists can book an excursion program to get acquainted with the history and interesting facts. The Botanical Garden was founded more than 60 years ago. The forests were not planted artificially.

It is important to remember that the entrance is paid from April to October 20, then the territory is closed. The price of the ticket to visit the Botanical Garden is 50 rubles. Cyclists can call the territory for 100 rubles. Pensioners do not need to pay. A greenhouse is located in the territory of this park. Tourists like the unusual glass structure, whose height is 9 floors of a multi-story building, huge palm trees, tropical flowers grow inside. To enter, you must come with a guide. There are ponds in the territory. The ban includes fishing and swimming. Near the water you can organize a picnic. All roads are completely paved, there are dirt roads.

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