What to see in Moscow and its surroundings

What to see in Moscow during your vacation is always a great question for tourists. Touring Moscow and its surroundings is an opportunity to get to know the capital of Russia at its best. What to visit in Moscow we will show you here.

Normally speaking of Moscow they recommend visiting places like Kremlin, the Red Square, among other very popular places, but, Moscow is so large, that there is a wide range of sites that are not always named, so we have prepared a special article for Talk about these curious places, in this way, you can fully enjoy your stay during your vacation.

Moscow Botanical Garden

If you are going to visit Moscow and its surroundings, first we will start with the Botanical Garden of Moscow, it is worth mentioning that it is the largest in all of Europe, there are countless species and it covers more than 300 hectares of land. Despite its size, it is considered more a garden than a park, and if you want to relax and be quiet, this is your ideal place. They will be able to observe exotic and medicinal plants, as well as very beautiful plants.


Timiryazev State Biological Museum

Another place, so to speak, in the branch of biology, is the Timiryazev Museum, located on Georgia Street and adapted into an old mansion. Here they present more than all areas of botany, zoology and physiology. This museum makes very entertaining presentations of an educational nature for children, which they learn in fun.

Moscow boulevards

What to visit in Moscow, we must not miss the most interesting boulevards, there really is a “Ring of the Boulevard”, you can take a walk from one to the other without leaving the center of the capital of Russia. The length of the boulevards is 9km.

Among them we have the following (clockwise)

  • Gogolebsky
  • Nikitski
  • Teverskoy
  • Strastnoy
  • Petrovsky
  • Rozdestvensky (Christmas Boulevard)
  • Sretensky
  • Chistoprudniy
  • Pokrovsky
  • Yauzovsky

The Ring of Boulevards are shaped like a horseshoe with an opening just on the banks of the Moskva River. As a note of interest, previously the place occupied today by these boulevards, were the avenues where the wall of the fortress of the White City was built in 1586.

Moscow Museums

Another of the many ways to pass your journey, is to know part of the history, for this, you can visit some museums, within which they are classified in 3: museums on traditions, architecture and technicians.

1. We will start talking about traditional museums, they are comprised of Vodka museums, toys, Valenti, among others.

Vodka Museum: located in the Kremlin Ismailovo, it was where the famous vodka that we all know now originated. The museum’s exhibition is about this drink and its 500 years of history journey as well as each of its copies.

Russian toy museum: here you can contemplate the variety of Russian toys as well as their history and traditions, so it makes it a very pleasant place especially for children. It is also located in the Kremlin Ismailovo.

Bread Museum: for the Russians, it is part of their culture. The museum contains thousands of pieces of different types of bread, as well as the necessary tools for their preparation and recipes.

2. Having said the above, we will focus on the museums of culture and architecture, among which we have Lev Tolstoy, the Usupov Palace, the museums within the Stalin buildings, among others.

One of the museums inside the Stanlin building is the Galina Ulanova Dancer Museum, which basically refers to the life of the dancer as well as the way of life that the people of the time led, in addition to this, you can observe works by art and a library with thousands of books in it.

Another copy that is worth mentioning within the city and at the same time is one of Stanli’s buildings, is the Model of “Moscow is the Capital of the USSR” located in the hotel Ukrania. The model itself, is made based on the total visibility in miniature of the tourist center of the city.

On the other hand, in the vicinity of the Red Square; The House of Boyardos Romanovi is located in Zariadiye, it has 3 floors; located exactly where was the estate of Boyardo Nikita, who was the grandfather of the first tsar.

Another rather peculiar site is the Volkov-Yusupov Palace, which has a beautiful Gothic architecture. This palace has very decorative rooms, and also has underground corridors, found during its restoration.

Finally, we have the House of Lev Tolstoy in Khamovniki, who was one of the most famous and well-known writers in Russia as well as in the world. It is a house made of wood and surrounded by a park with old trees.

3. To conclude this section, we will now talk a little about technical museums, including the Bunker 42, the Atomic Submarine Museum, and many more:

Bunker 42, as the same word says, is a bunker; located in the center of Moscow, which was converted into a museum for our delight today.

The Atomic Submarine Museum, you can observe each of the submarines not only outside; but as they are inside. The museum itself is a submarine that was adapted to be converted into a submarine display. You must keep in mind that it is necessary to go in a group (minimum 10 people) for the excursion.

Leaving the sea, they can enter a space world, the Interactive Museum in the Buran Spacecraft; located in VDNKh shows exhibitions on models of the ship where a video and plans of it are also shown.

Returning to the land, you can visit the Russian Railway Transportation Museum, which; It is outdoors, showing its oldest train (100 years) and others from different eras that circulated in Russia at some point in history; where you can enter some and observe each of its areas.

And if you are still interested in trains, see the RZD Train Model Exhibition; it is a museum with models of them; located in front of the Railway Transportation Museum. This place can be very interesting not only for adults, but also for children; who can play or entertain themselves pretending to be the train driver.

If your trip includes children, you can visit the Santa Claus Farm, and yes !, you are in Moscow, what child would not want to visit this place? Admission here is free, but guided tours have their cost. It consists of a building, which is the very tower of Santa Claus. There are always exhibitions of gifts or gifts and very interesting artifacts. This place is open all year.

What to see in Moscow is essential to do to know the history of Russia. Touring Moscow and its surroundings is an opportunity that you should not miss. What to visit in Moscow, with our professional guide in Spanish we show you.

Come to know Russia and its interesting and beautiful places with us. If you want an excursion or guided tour in Spanish to the places of interest or museums of Moscow like Bunker 42; Do not hesitate to contact us, and we will help you get the best accompaniment!