Celebrating New Year in Moscow is a very interesting odyssey for those who dare to be next to winter. Here you can celebrate the New Year at the Red Square in Moscow or celebrate New Year at GUM Moscow, among other amazing places.

The cutting calendar is thinned before our eyes, with all its appearance remembering that the New Year 2018 is approaching. Moscow is already preparing for the festive events. Each Russian decides for himself where to spend the main night of 365 days. But it is well known that the most unforgettable impressions are guaranteed only by the capital of Russia. In this material, we will show a general description of the best options to celebrate. Celebrating New Year in Moscow is ideal for you.

Celebrate the New Year on the Red Square in Moscow

New Year’s holidays in Moscow are always connected with visiting several monuments and places of interest. But many visitors and on the night of the “carnival” would like to be closer to the Russian shrines. There is nothing better than celebrating and celebrating the New Year on the Red Square in Moscow, although there are also inconveniences in this scenario:

  •  You must go through the checkpoint.
  •  Alcoholic beverages are prohibited, regardless of packaging.
  •  There are a multitude of people who want to have fun this way.

The checkpoint is a queue, even if you arrive in advance, it is clear that alcohol is prohibited, so you can not meet the main holidays with a glass of traditional champagne. Drinks at home with degrees of water disappear quickly in the cold. On the way you can not buy something of the alcoholic rank, since the prudent Moscow authorities prohibit the sale of alcohol in the approach of the area.

But many Muscovites and travelers are willing to bear all the inconveniences. Celebrating the New Year on the Red Square in Moscow, in the heart of the capital and Russia, guarantees an order of sensations greater than anywhere else, even exotic.

Celebrate New Year at GUM Moscow

On New Year’s Eve, the Moscow skating rinks continue to work, and this is an occasion to meet the holidays unusually at fairly reasonable prices. The special love of Muscovites and tourists is enjoyed on an ice rink near the country’s main store “GUM”.

Celebrating New Year at GUM Moscow satisfies both the convenient location and the atmosphere, giving the opportunity to see the performances of famous Russian skaters.

When choosing this scenario, the 2018 New Year meetings need, firstly, to find their skating rink, secondly, to specify the working time and, thirdly, to reflect on what to wear. It is also important to solve the transport problem, especially when the inconvenience of returning home arises. Celebrating New Year in GUM Moscow is fun.

New Year in the Parks of Moscow

Another alternative to the ice rinks to meet the New Year 2018 in Moscow, may be the parks. In each of them, a festive program is organized, hot drinks without alcohol, coffee and tea. While the park areas do not reveal the secrets of the celebration, they invite future participants to simply immerse themselves in the sea of ​​music, dance, games and winter fun. Of the best places last year:

 Great dance hall, in Gorki Square.

 Fabulous Hogwarts based on a series of books about Harry Potter, in Tagansky Park.

 An incendiary disc in the style of the 90s in Sokolniki.

To meet in the New Year in one of the parks of Moscow is to adapt to active, restless people, avid for communication and outdoor fun. Those who are respectable, putting comfort and convenience above all else, should choose other places.

The New Year in the restaurants of Moscow

Nutrition facilities in Moscow, of course, play an important role in the organization of the New Year. From the first days of November, they begin to accept collective and individual requests for the holidays, the second half of December is celebrated under the sign of the New Year corporate parties.

On a festive night, most of the restaurants in the capital also receive guests, in each of them a great entertainment program is prepared with the participation of Russian and foreign pop stars, soloists and ensembles, entertainers.

Nightclubs and entertainment centers are adjacent to public catering, being competitors in the ability to organize stellar parties, bright show programs, contests and dance marathons that last until the morning. The peculiarity of celebrating in such places is that less attention is paid to food here, but champagne flows like a river, the most fantastic cocktails are offered.

Many of the clubs go further in terms of entertainment: they organize theme parties dedicated to legendary films or major world events. In such cases, you will need not only a good mood, but also outfits, stylistically similar attributes to the subject.

Fantastic holidays in the new year in Moscow

The celebration of the New Year in Moscow can take place in an unusual scenario, which, however, will require organizers and forces, and large financial injections. In recent years, popular restaurants are located on the upper floors of skyscrapers, which offer magnificent panoramic views. Amazing sensations await visitors to these institutions. A metropolis with a bird’s eye view looks like a foreign galaxy with thousands of bright lights and glowing fireworks.

With enough finances and imagination, you can rent almost any vehicle. An ordinary vehicle on New Year’s Eve becomes a “Vehicle of desires”, traveling through Moscow. Amazing sensations are guaranteed by those who decided to hold it aboard a helicopter or a balloon, a small basket with champagne and fruits will prove to be very useful.

Fans of sea voyages are offered to celebrate the New Year aboard a pleasure boat, and closer to midnight the captain will take the ship to the nearest distance from the Red Square. Guests will have the opportunity to mentally join those in the heart of the capital, really see and an elegant greeting announcing the 2018 approach.

You can choose any of the options listed to meet the 2018 New Year in Moscow or create your own scenario. But the most important thing is to bring a festive feeling in the shower, share joy with family and friends, only passersby. Only then will the holidays be 100% successful.

Celebrating New Year in Moscow has never been better!