What places to see in St. Petersburg – reasons to visit

What to visit in St. Petersburg, a city full of history. What places to see in St. Petersburg while touring and enjoying your vacation. Hiking in St. Petersburg has never been better.

If you have not been to St. Petersburg, but you are reading this article; It is very likely that they would like to visit the capital of northern Russia – St. Petersburg. But if they still hesitate to go or not to go! No doubt, come! – You will discover a beautiful city that must be visited at least once in your life!

This section contains the main attractions of St. Petersburg: photos, videos, detailed descriptions (contacts, working hours, cost of entrance tickets), location on the map. From the article, you will discover which places of interest in St. Petersburg will be of interest to children, what you can see on weekends, you can choose summer and winter options for city tours.

St. Petersburg is a city of magnificent architecture and rich history, where an incredible amount of attractions is concentrated. Precise architecture: with wide central streets, ceremonial plazas and hundreds of distinctive buildings, each of which can be told for a long time and in a fascinating way, as if a history textbook and a reference book on architecture were expanded.

The museums of St. Petersburg demonstrate the treasures of Tsarist Russia, remember naval glory and Soviet achievements, preserve the memory of cultural and artistic workers, presenting information about the city to children in a fascinating and interactive way.

There are over a hundred theaters in St. Petersburg. World-famous local groups regularly release premieres and delight viewers with cult productions.
We must not forget that in the historic center of the buildings-monuments there are cinemas with an art program, huge bookstores and second-hand stores. The cultural program in the city goes well with shopping.
Not to be confused and not to forget personal iconic places, it is worth compiling a list of St. Petersburg attractions with a route for each day of the trip before the trip.
Find the main architectural monuments, observation platforms, parks, cultural centers and many other interesting objects that will help the map of St. Petersburg

What to visit in St. Petersburg

What places to see in St. Petersburg, which every year attract millions of tourists here:

  1. The St. Petersburg subway is the deepest in the world! The average depth of the stations is 70-80 meters.
  2. The city is in the estuary of the Neva River on the 44 islands; interconnected with 342 bridges (21 of the bridges open, something worth seeing)
  3. The city’s climate is presented for four seasons – from cold Russian and snowy winter to hot sunny summer with white nights.
  4. The historical center of Petersburg and the monuments; linked to it, they enter the list of the UNESCO world cultural heritage
  5. The Hermitaje (the winter palace); The main museum of the city, keeps one of the largest and most significant collections of works of art in the world and monuments of culture. One of the most famous museums in the world of Russia. For almost two and a half centuries, the Hermitage has assembled a collection of approximately three million works of art, monuments of world culture and other objects, from the Stone Age to the present.
  6. The State Hermitage Museum occupies six magnificent buildings located along the Neva Embankment in the center of St. Petersburg. The main place in this unique architectural ensemble, which took shape in the 18th and 19th centuries, is occupied by the Winter Palace, the residence of the Russian tsars, built in 1754-1762 according to the design of F.B. Rastrelli
  7. The Mariinski theater – one of the most famous in the world; In addition, in St. Petersburg there are over 100 theaters of different genres.St. Petersburg is the homeland of the famous Russian writers: Aleksander Pushkin, Nikolay Gógol, Fiodor Dostoevsky, Anna Ajmatova, Vladimir Nakokov
  8. In St. Petersburg every year there are big events – the international economic Petersburgués forum, the International ballet festival «Dance Open», the International action «Museum Night», the International musical festival «The Palaces of St. Petersburg», the International festival musical “The Star of the White Nights”, the party of the graduates “the Scarlet Candles”, the international theater festival “the Baltic House”, the St. Petersburg Open tennis tournament, the world championship of the wading-motor sport in the class “Formula 1” etc.
  9. St. Petersburg, embankment of the Great Neva: From the complete list of attractions with which St. Petersburg is literally packed, you can still highlight several of the most iconic. As a general rule, the Cathedral of St. Isaac, the Church of the Savior on Blood, the Fortress of Peter and Paul are called the symbols of the city.
    Winter Palace: The Winter Palace in the St. Petersburg Palace Square is the main attraction of the northern capital, which from 1762 to 1904 served as the official winter residence of Russian emperors. Because of the richness and variety of architectural and sculptural decoration, the palace has no equal in St. Petersburg.
    St. Isaac’s Cathedral: The history of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the largest Orthodox church in St. Petersburg today, began in 1710 with a wooden church in honor of St. Isaac of Dalmatia, a Byzantine saint, whose memorial day is the birthday of Peter the Great.
  10. Palace Square in St. Petersburg: The Palace Square is the main square in St. Petersburg, whose architectural ensemble was formed in the second half of the 18th century, the first half of the 19th century. The name of the square was given by the Winter Palace, with a south facade facing the square.
  11. Kazan Cathedral in Petersburg: The Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg is the temple that houses the city’s main sanctuary:
  12. the Kazan icon of the Mother of God and a monument of Russian military glory. In 1813, Commander M.I. Kutuzov was buried here and placed the keys of the cities taken and other military trophies.

What to visit in St. Petersburg, or northern Venice, the City of White Nights, the Palmyra of the North, the Cultural Capital of Russia – none of the numerous names of the city cannot reflect all the charm of one of the youngest megapolis of the world.

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