Winter Recreation in Moscow

What to see during winter in Moscow: if you want to travel during this season, one of the questions that tourists ask is what to visit during the winter season in Moscow. Therefore, if you want fun and recreation, then what to do in Moscow in winter, here we show you.

The beginning of cold weather is not at all the best occasion to make appointments with friends only in cafes or at the cinema. Winter sports are gaining popularity in Moscow. Of course, skis or snowboards do not surprise anyone, so every year there are new and original options for outdoor activities. What to see during winter in Moscow, for example, you can take a ride on a real Russian sled or “banana” on the frozen river, on the “winter bike” again to discover skating with the mountains in the new tube format for Go with family or friends and conquer the city during the winter, therefore, we have collected the best place for you, where you can practice winter sports.

What to do in Moscow in winter:

Alpine skiing in Moscow

To go skiing, it is not necessary to go to the Caucasus or the Alps. In Moscow and the suburbs there are several dozen places where you can conquer the slopes.

More than a generation of skiers grew up in the “Vorobyovy Gory”, this is the only Moscow route certified by the international ski federation. On one of the highest slopes of the city there are medium-level routes, jumps, a cross-country ski trail and a snowboard park. The excellent view of Moscow is another great advantage. From Monday to Friday, an entry ticket for adults costs 300 rubles, a child ticket costs 100 rubles. On Saturday and Sunday from 15:00 to 22:00, the ticket will have 500 rubles and Sunday morning, 400 rubles. The ticket for children at the weekend at any time costs 200 rubles.

Three kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road, towards “Snezh.kom”, you can not only travel in winter. Here, the temperature is always from minus 5 to minus 7 degrees Celsius and there is no increase in humidity, and one day it produces up to 90 tons of snow.

Skiers expect a trail in 365 meters and 22,000 square meters of snow, there is a park with trampolines. For experienced skiers, from May to October, an area specially prepared with denser snow operates. For those who decide to ski for the first time, they go to individual classes with the coach. If a trip to a ski resort is planned in the near future, you can enroll in an intensive training course for one, two or three days. An hour for adults will cost 650 rubles on weekdays and 900 on weekends. For children between 400 rubles and 450, respectively. Skiing or snowboarding with boots cost from 1100 rubles and the complete set with protection is 1500 rubles.


Ride in the “vatrushka” (ice caps, like a life ring with a bottom) so you can go to the largest ski resort in the city “Kant”. There you can go even at night, since the slopes with the beginning of darkness are illuminated, and the complex itself is located near the metro station “Nagornaya”.

Club card owners receive discounts. The elevator costs 30 rubles from Monday to Friday and 60 rubles on the weekend, the rental of “cheesecake” during the week costs 550 rubles per hour and 700 at the weekend.

You can also go to the park of the 50th anniversary of October. It is located between Vernadsky Prospekt, Udaltsova and Ramenki streets. There is a “Rainbow” tube with three specially prepared trails with lighting. The rent is also there and it works every day. From Monday to Friday: 200 rubles per hour, on weekends: 300 rubles.


For snowboard fans, too, there are many places to walk.

There are ski resorts that can be hired throughout the year.

In other places the slopes are open, and the trails begin to function with the onset of icy and snowy weather.

The snowboard park at the “Lata-Track” ski club will be for testing experienced and beginner snowboarders. The length of the slope is 300 meters, the height difference is 60 meters. The park is equipped with several structures so that snowboard lovers can show all their skills. There are changing rooms, a rental office, a cafeteria. Snowboard and boots: 750 rubles per hour; elevators between 30-50 rubles.

In the ski resort “Kant” it has slopes with a difference in altitudes of 55 meters and a total length of 3550 m. The organizers promise that they will do so in the permutations of the snow park, so as not to bore the frequent visitors. The elevator costs from 30 rubles per week to 60 rubles per weekend. Snowboarding from Monday to Friday will cost 320 and 480 rubles.

Ride a troika

In the snowy and sonic distance of a troika of horses, you can compete not only in the song. Sledding is an opportunity, for example, in Kolomenskoye. You can choose an excursion program along one of the routes or simply admire the views of the museum’s reserve. Here you will be offered not only a walk, but also an introduction to the horses in the exhibition complex “Konyushenny Dvor”. However, to drive, it is necessary to enter the name and pay a route not less than three days. Skating in a sleigh for 4 people will cost 1500 rubles for 10 minutes and 4500 for half an hour, that is 375 and 1125 rubles per person, respectively.

But in Izmaylovsky park from Friday to Sunday, a horse harness awaits you for only 100 rubles. From noon to 6:00 pm you can find the harness in the Central Square in the monument to V.I. Lenin and the North Square.

Snowmobile, winter bike

In the center of Snegohod-Ville, you can try a “miracle of technology”: a winter bicycle. The peculiarity of its design is that instead of the front wheel are installed “skis” and even, here in winter you can mount a “banana”. On the watery surface, however, it is already frozen, you are lucky with a snowmobile. The maximum speed of them is 20 km / h.

You can choose between several walks: Forest and Royal (for a quiet walk and admire the beauties) or Sprint: a quick ride on a banana. Skating on a snowmobile: 300-500 rubles, riding a winter bike, 350-400 rubles per hour, riding on the children’s winter track, 200 rubles per hour.

Panda Park in Moscow in winter

Most attractions, where you need to overcome the obstacle course a few meters from the ground; They close with the beginning of cold weather. However, rope bridges, stairs and labyrinths in winter do not lose their charm; although they become more difficult due to the amount of clothing that makes movement difficult. Check your endurance and agility in Kolomenskoye, where three routes are equipped. Two of them are designed for adults and teenagers, and a route is for children. The children’s route costs 250 rubles, for adults there are 350 rubles each.

Izmaylovsky Park offers a city of ropes with 20 obstacles, including bridges, crossings, nets and stairs. This is one of the longest routes available. In total in the city of the rope 2 routes of different complexity. On the “bold” route there is an interesting crossing of “snowboard”. 1 route – 300 rubles, 2 routes – 500 rubles.

Ice skating in Moscow

One of the most popular winter entertainments for Muscovites is the ice rink. Every year, in all districts of the city; There are many places where you can learn to drive and sharpen your skills.

The biggest and funniest skating rinks are in the Gorki Park and VDNKh. It is always crowded, but there is enough space for everyone.

The most beautiful is the ice skating rink, which, with the onset of frost; It floods every year in the Red Square.

The free spontaneous ice rink is in Chistye Prudy, and the small and cozy courtyards are in the garden. Bauman and the Hermitage garden.

So, you know what to visit during the winter season in Moscow, come and enjoy this cold but fun season.

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