What villages to visit in Russia: Yelábuga, an ancient city

What villages to visit in Russia during your holiday stay. Cities to see in Russia and more if you want to know the inhospitable corners of the nation. Taking a tour in Russia is ideal.

Yelabuga is an ancient and beautiful city on the banks of the Kama River, which flows in Tatarstan. Here you can find many historical attractions. Tourists rush here to appreciate the unusual architecture of the buildings, to see with their own eyes the natural beauty of the river that flows.

There are few cities where you can find so many historic buildings. From military fortifications to church buildings, there is something to see.

The city is 200 km away. from the capital of Tatarstan, just at the confluence of the Toyma River with the Kama River, where a wide flood plain is formed. This is the center of the Yelabuga region, forming an urban settlement and entering the agglomeration of Lower Kama (Naberezhnye Chelny).

The area of ​​the city is a little more than 40 km2, and the population exceeds 70 thousand people, so it cannot be called a city center that is too large. At the same time, the good socio-economic development of this place is due precisely to its advantageous location, right at the intersection of important commercial and economic routes. Thanks to this, many merchants, representatives of the clergy, artisans and other people who historically contributed to the development of the city came to Yelabuga.

The history of the development of Elabuga.

The year of foundation of the city is considered to be 1780, but in fact people lived in this place for more than 100 years, since in 1010 a large urban settlement was formed here, which is confirmed by several written sources. Despite this, scientists have not yet been able to establish a more precise settlement date, however, there is evidence that the first settlements in this area could still be in the 5th century BC. C. This is confirmed by the Ananyinsky cemetery excavations, where scientists managed to discover several artifacts.

In the first half of the 17th century, the first Christian monastery, Trinity, was built that marked the beginning of a new era in the formation of the city as the spiritual center of the region. Right on the site of the modern city at the end of the 16th century was the settlement of Trekhsvyatskoye, which had several thousand people. With the beginning of active church building, the settlement began to gradually transform and in 1780 this place officially received the status of a county town at the behest of Empress Catherine II.

There was a very significant road from the Volga Bulgaria to the northern part of Russia, to the Arctic Ocean, so there were always many merchants in the city. Thanks to the skill of the architects, interesting stone buildings from the 17th-19th centuries are still preserved, which are of great interest to modern tourists. At the beginning of the 19th century, the city became a large industrial-industrial zone, and 100 years later, in the 20th century, Elabuga became the leading city in the production of motor vehicles and spare parts. Today it is the largest industrial city, where several plants and factories operate, agricultural machinery production is established and the oil industry is well developed.

Elabuga landmarks

As you can see, the history of the city dates back centuries, so it is not surprising that here you can find many ancient monuments, silent witnesses of those distant times. By the way, tourists will find it useful to know that for tourism you can build a route yourself, since the city is small in size.

It should be noted that from the river side a surprisingly beautiful view of the city opens, and not only during the day, but in the dark. For this reason, many tourists come to the city by boat, making an excursion from the nearest cities, even from Kazan.

Cities to see in Russia

The amount of cities, towns and localities that make up Russia is really vast; of all types and sizes and with all possible cultural varieties.

Each place stands out for something in particular, be it its beauty; either its history or its importance for the development of the country. A city that is distinguished by its antiquity is Yelábuga; An ancient city that carries the burden of a history of more than a thousand years. Originally, this city was a small Bulgarian settlement founded for the 10th century. The inhabitants of this place had the need, and the Atino, to build a bridge that would allow passage through the Kama River.

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This step quickly became part of a trade route that connected Bulgaria with the Arctic Ocean which led to a strong and rapid development of Yelábuga. Currently the ruins of this settlement are still visible, next to a tower that, according to legend; It was built in one night by demons. Visiting these ancient and ancestral places is definitely an opportunity, so if you are going to take a tour of Russia, remember to include a pass through Yelábuga in your itinerary.

Due to its strategic location, this city soon became an important commercial point; and housed several of the renowned personalities in Russia. You can visit, for example; the house of the poet Tsvietáieva who not only still retains its original structure but also all the furniture used by her. You can even see the exact place where he hanged himself and the newspaper that was found in his clothes.

Another house that is currently converted into a museum is that of the famous painter Ivan Shishkin; Here you will see the place where the painter grew up and the places he frequented to find inspiration for his works.