Places to visit in Kerch – Yeni-Kale Fortress

What to see in Kerch. We tell you during your vacation here. The emblematic places to visit in Kerch are unique and you can enjoy it during your stay. For example, visiting Kerch Fortress is a good option to learn about the history of the Soviet era in Kerch.

During the Soviet era in Kerch; No accident has been awarded the highest title of the hero of the city. Due to its location which has had a strategic importance where it now has many associated places of interest. In the northeast, on the shore of the Kerch Strait is the Turkish fortress of Yeni-Kale. It could be just one of the rows of points on the map of Crimea (especially since it has survived since it is not at its best); but on the contrary you enjoy a very beautiful place. Kerchane tourists themselves love to come here, not just to touch history; but also to enjoy solitude and enjoy the landscape and the beautiful nature.

What to see in Kerch – The history of Yeni-Kale Fortress

Such an unusual name for a Russian “Yeni Kale” is translated from Turkish as “The New Fortress” and due to the fact that at first the local area belonged to the Turks. From 1699 to 1706 a citadel was erected, and in 1771 they surrendered without fighting the Russian army. According to the Kerch Kucuk-Kaynarca treaties in Russia he moved along with the fortress in 1774

The place where Yeni-Kale Fortress was built was of strategic importance; here, from the point of the Kerch Strait; It could be as narrow as possible to control the passage of ships between the seas of the Azov and the Black Sea.

According to reports, in the same place there was a fortified settlement even during the time of the Bosphorus kingdom. Then, the Genoese were built there during the period of the most active colonization of the Black Sea. The Ottoman aggression forced them to leave Crimea, and the structure went to the winners. They tried to use it, but it didn’t work too much: the Cossacks undermined the fortifications, often assaulting the Crimean coast by sea.

In the seventeenth century, there was virtually no fortress in Kerch, the proposals of some “advanced” Turkish military to build it did not comply with the Sultan’s understanding. The Tartars were not allowed to strengthen the coast, only Perekop: Turkey did not want to risk its monopoly on maritime trade. However, there really was no special need for the fortress: the Ottomans had no rivals in the Black Sea and Azov. However, at the end of the century, the situation changed dramatically. Young Peter, I seriously began to “fight the sea”, and in 1699 the first ships of Peter’s fleet left. Azov’s fortress was captured, and Turkey faced the need to somehow control the movement of the Russian squad, if it wanted to preserve its dominance in the Black Sea.

At the dawn of its history, the Ottoman fortress is a powerful three-level structure; sheltered from the earth wall and a moat. It was built in the form of an irregular pentagon and occupied different levels of height. The moat that surrounded the citadel on three sides, was an additional level. Cannons were placed in the corners, some of which defended the wall in order to improve the bombings. The Yeni-Kale Fortress housed two gunpowder stores, an arsenal, as well as homes, a water tank, a bathroom and a mosque.

In the citadel of the 19th century it was used as a military installation, where it housed a military hospital.

After the hospital stopped working, the fortress finally came to desolation. The Second World War has returned to the ranks of its objects of strategic importance, the Marines fought fierce battles here with German soldiers. Shortly after the war, restoration work was carried out, and its architectural monument was recognized.

Enikale Fortress – as an object of excursions

Today, in the city of Kerch, the Yenikale fortress is protected by the state as a historical monument. It is relatively well preserved, although the condition is considered emergency, although minor restoration work has been carried out in recent years. Yeni-Kale occupied an area of ​​approximately 2 hectares, it was designed for a garrison of 2000 people. In plan, it is an irregularly shaped pentagon.

In addition to the walls, there was also a moat and a well (on three sides). In the territory there were barracks for soldiers, houses for officers, a mosque, an arsenal, several residential buildings. It is known that there were numerous underground tunnels underground, probably appearing in Greek or Genoese times. They tried to investigate them before the Great Patriotic War, but now most of them are bombarded for security. Even if it turns out to be free, tourists who do not climb there are strongly recommended; No special skills and equipment is life threatening.

You will not be able to see another attraction of Yenikale: a ceramic water supply system that prevented the lack of water. After Kerch’s release from the Nazis, local residents dismantled their remains to repair their own houses. But it is known that it came from Chronin Hill, where there are mineral springs. But you can see the walls and five bastions with hanging towers. They are often captured in the photo. A visit to Yeni-Kale is included in the program of many excursions in Kerch, it is easy to get there alone, the fortifications are visible from the ferry crossing. Nearby is the railway line. The latter is guilty of the emergency condition of the monument.

The tremor of the ground caused by the passage of the compounds caused the destruction of the walls of the bastion. Now the perimeter of the views “cannot wait”, when the construction of the Kerch bridge is completed. When your rail line is put into operation, it is planned to leave the old meter, as a result, the vibration will stop destroying the old buildings.

Visit Kerch Fortress – Excursions

The ancient fortress is the beauty and power of Yeni-Kale, unfortunately; you will not be able to fully please, since she has not returned to her original form. It is the memory of the past with its majestic Azov gate, preserved walls and towers of the bastion; It offers stunning sea views. Having examined the shape of the ancient ruins (and they should be given more attention, since they are of great historical and cultural value); Do not deny yourself the pleasure of walking around the neighborhood and spending an unforgettable day at the beaches.

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