Dinopark in Yevpatoriya

The only Dinopark in Crimea was built in 2007. Since then it has become the favorite holiday destination for guests on the Crimean peninsula. The construction of the shopping center was very deep. The equipment for the construction of Dinopark was supplied from several countries, and a company from USA was involved in the creation of ancient artificial dinosaurs, providing products from a Hollywood movie. The lucky few will find them on the Crimean coast, especially with children, it is impossible not to visit this unique corner of the Jurassic!

The main place of Dinopark as a right belongs to the exhibition of lizards. The sinister figures of the tyrannosaurus, the gigantic flying pterodactyls and brontosaurs, created in full size. They are designed with the latest technology, which can be moved, and the light that creates the stereo illusion like an ancient reptile that is about to come to life.
The playground is next to the dinosaurs, it is equipped with the “jungle” where children can run in the labyrinth, jump on trampolines and partying at the pool.

Dinopark attractions contemplate advanced games, such as “the submarine”, “the spaceship” and “the basketball”. Each participant receives a game ticket, which can then be exchanged for a souvenir. You will also have rides in the interplanetary space on the second floor, where you have to fight against the monsters and shoot down the enemy ships. For those who want to be in the open movie seats, it is a parallel reality in rotation. The style of the space station is decorated in all its splendor. It is worth looking for birthdays, which after an hour of game will present a birthday cake.
The Dinopark also has a real ice rink where you can go skating. The payment for special children in the plastic “Dinokartoy” is an interesting feature of the complex for all services in Dinopark (except in the restaurant).

After the games, and explore all the attractions and exhibits, you need to restore your energy, so you can go to the “Dinokafe”. the “De Toto” menu is small, however, adults also have a wide selection of Mexican cuisine.

Seafood lovers will appreciate the restaurant “Nautilus” which is made with the spirit of Jules Verne. The wall is built in a huge aquarium with colorful tropical fish.

For the nostalgic of the USSR, “flan” coffee is filled with Soviet-era paraphernalia and 80’s music. There is also a disco, which is available everynight, and on weekends there is a children’s theater sh


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