Hiking in the Yusupov Palace in Koreiz is ideal for you. Visiting Yusupov Palace in Koreiz during your stay in the Crimea is a golden opportunity. What to see in the Yusupov Palace in Koreiz here we show you.

Visit Yusupov Palace in Koreiz in Crimea
Visit Yusupov Palace in Koreiz – History
What to see at Yusupov Palace in Koreiz

Visit Yusupov Palace in Koreiz in Crimea

Crimea is a wonderful region with a hectic history, unusual nature and a dry climate that improves health. Therefore, it is obvious attraction for people of different classes and titles on the Black Sea coast of Crimea. Today, the Crimean coast is full of notable preserved palaces. One of them is the Palace of Yusupov princes, recently open to the public.

Visit Yusupov Palace in Koreiz – History

The prince comes from the Yusupov dynasty, which is one of the most distinguished, influential and rich families in Russia. The ancestors of many Russian aristocratic dynasties were from the Golden Horde; who approached the service of the Grand Prince of Moscow, and was baptized as the Yusupov, Urusov and Godunovs who have been in their ancestry for 14 or 15 centuries. The wealth acquired at the service of the Khan, added new dynastic marriages strengthened the work position of others. At the end of the 19th century Mr. Feliks Yusupov was the governor general of Moscow, and his son, Jr. Felix Yusupov, married the niece of Emperor Nicholas II, Irina.

That is the beauty of Irina Yusupov, who served as a “bait” for the famous female lover Grigori Rasputin, who was part of the murder of her husband, Felix. The princess poisoned the old man’s cakes with cyanide filling.

The princess’s property had several luxury palaces that can be seen in St. Petersburg and Moscow; They then succumb to the widespread epidemic and then it was completely rebuilt in Crimea. The new project is created with a more modern sense at that time by the red Crimean architect. But what is really wonderful, is that the palace remained in the crucible of the three revolutions and the civil war with little or no damage.

Yusupov Palace in the era of the USSR

Many fateful events were reflected in the Yusupov Palace in Crimea. In 1918, due to revolutionary events, representatives of the Yusupov dynasty emigrated. In 1921, the whole was nationalized and became the summer residence of the NKVD officers. After World War II, it became the residence of the Soviet delegation, headed by I. Stalin. In 1945, the Yalta Conference against fascism was held, which brought together the heads of government of the USSR, the United States and Great Britain. Then, the palace became the country house of the Central Committee of the CPSU, a protected and protected area. It is appropriate to say that it was often visited by the heads of foreign communist parties and socialist countries.

Attraction today

In Koreiz, Yusupov Palace is perhaps the most mysterious place. Within its walls, not only the Ukrainian chiefs worked, but also the leaders of the Soviet Union. For a long time, the park square and expensive apartments were a closed area: state building n. 4. The secret veil has now been opened and the guides have begun to bring groups of tourists.

Yusupov Palace exterior

The palace is executed in the style of a modernized renaissance of Italy with the addition of oriental elegance and grandeur. Until today, the following premises have been preserved in their original form: Reception Hall Molotov’s room; Stalin’s room; Yusupov Chambers; Billiard room cinema. Inside the rooms of this Koreiz attraction there are elements of modernism that are totally consistent with the spirit of the time. Each of them has Viennese chairs, elegant sofas, exquisite porcelain and bronze figures on white enamel shelves. However, the owner’s office is decorated differently: an old French tapestry, furnished with a large desk, a large closet and chairs for smoking. When visiting this corner, you can take a photo as a souvenir, both inside and in the park. Read also about Felix Yusupov’s hunting lodge in the village of Sokolinoye.

Palace Park in Koreiz

An incredible park of 16.5 ha was distributed next to the palace. Hartvis, who was the director of the Nikitsky Botanical Garden, advised the main gardener K. Kebach about all kinds of plants that can be planted in the land of Crimea. The area is surrounded by countless fountains and small pools. The complex is fabulously beautiful and abundant in the diversity of flora, there are 7.5 thousand species of plants, even rare specimens, trees from 100 to 500 years old, as well as 200 species of shrubs. Even today, the park area, its entrances and niches are protected by marble and terracotta lions, which are the hallmark of the Yusupov Palace in Koreiz. Here everything was thought to the smallest detail: statues of goddesses, mermaids and nymphs.

How to get from Yalta?

You can reach Koreiz without any problem: regular buses leave from the bus station in Yalta (8 Moskovskaya Street). The reference point for Yusupov Palace will be the Hotel 1001 Nights. It is also easy to reach places of interest by car. From the embankment to them. Lenin needs to move south: on the “H19” highway, at the “Koreiz” sign, turn left. The total distance to the attraction is about 15 km, which will eventually be 20-25 minutes.

What to see at Yusupov Palace in Koreiz

The palace was built in an eclectic style; It is believed to dominate the Italian Renaissance; but it is clearly visible that the elements of the Middle and even the architecture is baroque Arab. For example, the elaboration of lion sculptures adorns virtually all the stairs of the palace; and also abounds in all corners of the park, as well as other sculptures.

The interiors were made in the Art Nouveau style, in the basement of the house where they once housed the wineries during the Soviet era, at the initiative of the Czech Dzerzhinsky, so a bunker was built. During the Crimean conference, it is said that Stalin slept here.

For a long time, the palace served as a summer residence for senior officials of Russia and Ukraine; and to come here on a trip was impossible, since ordinary tourists could explore the palace only from the mountains. Today, after the annexation of Crimea to Russia; the palace belongs to the administration of the president; and it is visited by tourists alone or in groups with professional guides.

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